Liverpool and its trident wreaked havoc across England

Liverpool and its holy trinity: In Footballing terms, the world has seen the glorious periods of many giants whom we can recognize as the most influential ones for this beautiful game. Yes! We can count on those teams whenever we crave for some beautiful or eye boggling pictures of this game.


English soil who’s often offered the richest flavours of their prodigies, Liverpool Football Club stands as those names whom the world if not admire mostly, but surely we cherish each of their thrilling encounters in European campaigns. They say, “The love affair of Liverpool with European night continues. The reason behind it! You’ll find numerous amount of games where the clubs stood firm enough against all the odds and had their last laugh at the end of the whistle.

Six Times European Champions! Well, that's surely a ridiculous feat to achieve if we’ve to look around the history of this prestigious competition. Isn’t it! In this piece let’s focus about that period when Liverpool Football Club had gone through one of those greatest of a period where the world was witnessing the names who can push this legendary club’s fortune once again after quite a flat period of their time. Behind the curtain, there are lots of things which we tend to ignore unconsciously because the world has adopted the fact that nothing but the outcome of your efforts all that count on such stages.


And for a Merseyside club like Liverpool, the waves of expectation have always been over the top because of the legacy they demarcate as an institution. The definition of the phrase ;Trio; lies in its core where it defines the holy Trinity; of any brigade’s utmost sources who can provide the much relevant significant roles for their respective clubs. European elites who've been dominating the game since ages have always bagged such men who carry decent abilities to settle down the things for the team’s behalf.

Three names! Three intellects! Three sagas!



Steven George Gerrard, Xabier Alonso Olano, Fernando José Torres Sanz;

Steven Gerrard

The luxurious part of The Scousers; has always been their main talisman who’s widely known as Mr Liverpool. What Steven Gerrard has achieved throughout his illustrious career is something which every professional one dreams to have. The person whose undeniable talent on the pitch and unbound dedication to his beloved club speak for his character. A young lad from Liverpool who became The Warrior of The Kops. The guy who dedicated his whole life to this club, no matter how worst the circumstances he had to face. There’s a lot to say, believe me. But surely it won’t be enough to describe or represent his contribution to my club. What an inspiration!

And why not! Gerrard has always one of those special talents of this game who was made to lead the troops, destined to be the leader. The audacity he used to possess both for his club and country, very penny person out there who can match such charismatic attributes of him.


When I die, don’t bring me to the hospital. Bring me to Anfield. I was born there and will die there.” Yes! Exactly this much he used to adore this family from the deepest core of his heart. He didn't clinched the most of the silverware which he would love to, but the loyalty towards the fellow club has certainly made him one of those faithful faces of the sports.

Xabier Alonso

Often known as those most authentic of maestros in his era Xabi Alonso had managed to catch the eyes of European Giants when used to boss the midfield region along with his colleagues in Liverpool days. The Spanish international who brought the finesse to that position and in those days his exquisite performances had offered himself the recognition on such early footsteps of his illustrious career.

The Spaniard won that famous Champions League trophy with the Reds on 2005 along with that he clinched FA Cup, UEFA Super Cup and Community shield before joining Los Blancos in 2009. In spite of the separation, Xabi himself hold enormous respect for the Merseyside's Red Brigade where he often poured his admiration towards the Club.


He said, “I had five great years at Liverpool and I would rather just keep that memory as it is Xabi’s admiration towards the club remains as the valiant point of his characteristic feature for which the very supporters recognize him as the German Legend who guided them to their glorious symphony on that period.

Fernando Torres

A bright young prospect who was immensely popular for his Anfield heroics and caught the eyes of the pundits within no second. When you think about such promising fellow of that period Fernando Torres should be on the top of any list who mesmerized the world with his spectacles from the very beginning stage of his Liverpool career. The man took no time to settle down his instincts and caused enormous havoc in the toughest of all the leagues.

The long-sleeved number ‘Nine’ shirt inspired millions at that time with his flamboyancy on the pitch. In the modern game, the game has witnessed many of the great forwards who’ve had their legacies, but El Nino had his ways to break the deadlock when it matters the most. He might not have the longevity in his career that the one-time Atletico sensation promised to when he arrived in the Premier League in 2007, with injuries which played an unfortunate role to rattle a career.


Those breathtaking runs through the defensive region, that sheer passion towards the goal, the way he used to rattle the defensive zones of the opponents were truly a treat to eyes. “Liverpool is a fundamental part of my life. They don’t remember me that way, but time will change that. I could not have chosen a better place to go when I left Atletico.”

In spite of his departure from the club where he tasted the most delicious days of his career, the Spaniard still believes that he’s always been ‘A RED’ because of the heritage.

The impact of the trinity on Liverpool

Rafa Benitez had arrived on a time when Liverpool were engaged with their issues which they couldn’t able to deal with. For quite a while The Reds couldn’t manage to make an impression because of their lack of intent as well as the inconsistency which certainly played a crucial part. The Spanish coach knew what he had to face to change this club’s fortune and he didn’t waste any time to pick up the pieces which were desperately needed to sum up the puzzle.


With Xavier Mascherano and Xabi Alonso giving the former skipper Steven Gerrard license to attack, he wreaked havoc playing off ‘El Nino’ and was at the peak of his powers. Premier League has often been blessed with the duo’s of their region who galvanized the opponents; defensive halves, but what Gerrard and Torres used to bring in this area, those were the most remarkable portraits of Premier League’s that era.

Young and bright sensation Xabi who used to boss the midfield in such an early age of his Liverpool days, even the Leader himself was impressed by his competence on the pitch. The authentic duo, who’ve remained close friends ever since first linking up with the Reds in 2004, both still carry immense respect for each other. “He could be the best [midfielder I played with] but that would be disrespectful to all of the other world-class players I played with: Dietmar Hamann, Gary McAllister, Danny Murphy, Javier Mascherano, tons of world-class players. Xabi was certainly up there but not just with the players I played with, he is up there with the world’s best.” Steven said in an interview when he asked about his former colleague.

And when it’s about recognizing the other great Xabi said, "He made my game much easier, because I need better players than me around me, to make my game better. Believe me, he was one of them.


Technically, physically, being able to deliver special moments He was the most influential player in my career. The bromance continues because Xabi came at a time when the Spaniard was still venturing around the park to announce his presence in the World of Football. And quite fortunately enough he had got the opportunity to work beside Mr Liverpool.

Liverpool has signed Fernando Torres from Atletico Madrid on a six-year deal for a fee believed to be £20m and that was the time when the Trio got the license to kill even most of them prolific of that time. Despite playing in those legendary Spain sides alongside the likes of Xavi, Andres Iniesta and David Villa, it is Gerrard who stands out as his best colleague; he still believes it.

For three and a half years Gerrard and Torres guided their club to that peak where often people declared that Liverpool squad was the best side to not to win the Premier League. Torres and Gerrard played together from2007 till the Spaniard moved to Chelsea in January 2011.


And quite drastically enough the Spaniard couldn’t able to find his feet yet again. Like the very life itself the 'Trinity' had their rollercoaster ride through that time, they might not clinch the highest of their potential during that phase; but what they’d shown during that cycle Premier League still have seen very few of such audaciousness in any squad.

While Gerrard stayed as a faithful Commarade for his beloved family, both Xabi and Torres had found their different ways which caused separation of these partnerships. That’s it! The story of a bright and young Midfield General, the leader who’s been the most obedient of personal for his family and an astonishing Spanish Forward who had the greatest of his days in his Liverpool days.

Three of them are now spending their retirement and in those three two have become coaches and the other one has just decided to quit the game as a professional Footballer. All we can hope that they’ll have their moments again with new projects of their respective lives.



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