About Us

From Messi’s dribbling move to Bekham’s Free kick if it is something about football, it is highly probable that we would have read that!

You see, a probability of 1 is not really practical in the modern world but that we know all about football stands at 0.99999….

Why So?

Because, we are a group of football fanatics that eat, sleep, rave and then repeat football! We used to passionate about it, then we just turned into profession. After all, it isn’t just the ex-footballers who should get the fame and money by analysing the special moments of the match!

Our scope spans from features that will surely tickle your curiosity to the latest news in the domain! We update per minute- or you could say every minute something happens in the footballing world, it finds its way to our website!

You see, our only purpose is to make sure that you remain updated about. the footballing world at all possible times! Whether it is a new shot invented by an unheralded footballer or whether it is the world witnessing, a new champion, We at Feature football will hand you over everything that you need to know about this sport.

That is our unwavering, undying commitment to you!

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