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Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers favourite to become Arsenal manager if Arteta is sacked

Leicester City gaffer, Brendan Rodgers, is considered the favourite if the club sacks current manager, Mikel Arteta. Arteta has been under tremendous pressure for the past year since Arsenal finished a shocking 8th in the league last season and failed to qualify for either of the European competitions. The lack of a creative midfielder last season severely effected the club’s way of playing which now, has landed them in so much trouble. Arsenal also failed to win their season opener against Brentford which has now put the Arsenal board under more pressure than ever before to sign new players and potentially a manager as well.


Mikel Arteta’s style and way of coaching has been criticized by the fans after the Spaniard has failed to show consistency and get points for the club. In his 2 and a half-year tenure, Mikel has won the FA Cup once in his debut season, due to which expectations from him skyrocketed. Two years later, the club find themselves in huge trouble.

Where do Arsenal go next?

The real question from this arises is, if Arsenal are to sack Mikel Arteta, who will they sign next? some big and reputed name which have come up are Conte, Graham Potter, and even Diego Simeone, but the bookie’s favourite to become the next Arsenal manager is Brendan Rodgers.


Brendan Rodgers has been linked to a move at Arsenal previously as well when the gaffer guided Liverpool to the second spot and had repeated success north of the border with Celtic. Arsenal were very keen on getting him but he moved to Leicester, four years later, he is still the favourite to become the next Arsenal manager.

For months Rodgers was linked with Tottenham as they were looking to replace Jose Mourinho but they landed Nuno Santo, leaving a clear path for Arsenal if they are interested in getting Brendan. Even though it will be tough to convince a manager like Rodgers to leave an ambitious club like Leicester City, it will be equally tough to refuse an offer from a club which has a status like Arsenal.



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