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‘I really hope he goes at the end of the season’-Former Liverpool man wants Pep Guardiola to leave Manchester City for the betterment of Liverpool

In a tweet, Jose Enrique expressed his belief that it would be best for Liverpool if Pep Guardiola left Manchester City at the conclusion of the current season. 


The manager of Manchester City, whose status as “one of the finest” was lauded by Enrique, is working on a contract that will run out at the conclusion of the current campaign, and there are no discussions taking place about an extension at this time.

Now, this does not necessarily imply that Guardiola will walk out the door, but it is quite probable that he will wait till the season is over before making a decision.


The 51-year-old player has had a great deal of success in English football over the last six years, winning four out of the five previous Premier League championships, in addition to a number of FA Cups and League Cups.

It has been nothing short of complete dominance, and if it weren’t for Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool, the Abu Dhabi-owned team would have been able to achieve absolute perfection in their performance.

In spite of this, Enrique is keeping his fingers crossed that Pep Guardiola’s prediction that Manchester City will be in capable hands once he departs comes true in the summer of 2022.


What did Jose Enrique say about Pep Guardiola?

“As a football fan myself, I will not like him leaving Manchester City because he is one of the best managers in the world and it’s great to have him in the Premier League,” said Enrique.

“But as a former Liverpool player and supporter, I really hope he goes at the end of the season because they will miss him,” he added.

The former Barcelona player has no incentive to quit Man City until they win the Champions League at the conclusion of the season; otherwise, he would feel as if he has unfinished business and will not be motivated to depart.


There has been only one other team in the history of the Premier League that has won three titles in a row, and that team was Manchester United. However, Manchester City has a chance to win three titles in a row this season, and then they could do the unthinkable and make it a historic four-in-a-row with Guardiola in the dugout.

In addition to that, Erling Haaland had only just signed with the club, and it’s likely that before he did so, he had some guarantees that his manager would continue working for the club beyond the current season.

In any event, regardless of whether or not Pep stays, Manchester City will keep scoring 90+ points, and until you create performances that are beyond the capabilities of humans, you won’t come close to challenging them.


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