Why is Premier League at crossroads with British authorities after the demise of the Queen?

Premier League in jeopardy: With the entire nation of England still recovering from the demise of Queen Elizabeth II, the police officers are set to be placed in London to work during her funeral on Monday. Due to this, the resources may well be stretched in London and that could well affect the football matches in both English and European football.


To sort things out, the police officers and the football clubs will meet again on Monday to avoid any future postponements that could affect the finances of the clubs.

How The Premier League Fixtures May Get Affected

Reportedly, big clashes on the weekend such as Chelsea versus Liverpool and Manchester United versus Leeds United are some of the fixtures that are being discussed. These highly anticipated matches need a lot of police protection but the resources to travel may not arrive on time for the ongoing bigger concern across the country. The match at Old Trafford between Manchester United and Leeds United has a significant history and thus might not get conducted if the safety measures are not properly in place.


Thursday’s Europa League clash between Arsenal and PSV is also under doubt due to this. On the other hand, Rangers’ UEFA Champions League match against Napoli has been rescheduled and the fans are now banned from entering the stadium for that match. Some of the Championship fixtures might well be at risk too.

As things stand, the officials believe to reach a positive conclusion from their end and the matches may take place as scheduled. “We will work with football clubs to try and ensure that football fixtures can take place safely,” said a spokesperson for the National Police Chiefs Council.

In the meantime, Eton College received heavy criticism on Saturday for playing a couple of football matches with Lancashire’s Rossall School and not following the FA’s decision to postpone all the football fixtures last weekend.


The English do hope to see their favourite teams take on the field sooner than later and with the meeting to take place to make that happen, the fans should remain hopeful. Too many postponements also hamper the continuity of the team’s performances and this could become one of the talking points of the meeting.

The fans are eagerly following the football live score of Premier League 2022 here.



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