Wayne Rooney May Be Partly Correct In His Observation But Has United Got A Way Figured?

Wayne Rooney suggested that Manchester United entered into its imminent decadence ever since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the former Manchester United striker, the Devils didn’t really come up with a plan to execute a proper transition.


More importantly, they lost track further after releasing Tevez into the wild. Ronaldo left Manchester United to join Real Madrid where he spent a lion’s share of his career with absolutely incredulous and insane records. Manchester United, on the contrary, managed to soar in the initial years after Ronaldo left with a handful of fine signings in Vidic and RVP while Rooney played an instrumental role in driving the attacking force of the Devils.

Ronaldo and Rooney played together for five staggering years where United prospered more than ever as the duo ran riot even against the best defences of the world. The two icons of the sport were crucial to transcend Manchester United to a Champions League trophy and three Premier League titles.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure brought woes as suggested by Wayne Rooney

Ronaldo went to Real Madrid for a staggering sum of 94 million Euros. However, after shifting allegiance from Real to Juventus, life came a full circle for Ronaldo as he returned to Manchester United, signing a two-year contract.

Rooney quoted on Ronaldo’s departure, saying, “You could see after 2011; Ronaldo left in 2009, Tevez left and after that, you could see it was going to go back before it can move forwards. That’s what I could see and that’s why I was asking the questions. Unfortunately, they probably still haven’t recovered from that to this day.”

What is important here is that Manchester United didn’t hit their downfall straightaway. The outfit didn’t see the bottom side of the sport until the gaffer stayed at the helms.


United realised its first signs of corrosion when David Moyes took over the mantle. Manchester had no response to the tailspin that they entered. No matter whosoever came United’s way, they couldn’t really breathe life into a wilting outfit.

One of the major problems that Manchester United has faced since the departure of SAF is that they bought players randomly just because they wanted to splurge. There never was a plan and there was no bigger picture in sight.

There was no driving force and no inspiration whatsoever to build a team. For United, it has always seemed to be mindless spending just because they could. The problem persists to date and Rooney’s words may not have run true in the early days of Ronaldo’s departure but once Fergie stepped down, United was staring at a gaping void where there was only a fall.


Ronaldo has managed to fire14 goals so far from 24 appearances which is untowardly lower going by the standards of Portuguese skipper. In United’s last game against Middlesbrough, he went on to miss a spot-kick and squandered countless opportunities that included a simple finish from point-blank range.

Rooney is partially correct about United’s downfall and it is not since Ronaldo departed. The stepping down of SAF exposed the United board that had no plans and clarity about what was coming for them.




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