Five Most Legendary Managers of Manchester United

The glory days of Manchester United are long gone and the club management are trying to bring those back for years now. The club has planned to bring in Ralf Rangnick as an interim manager but the long-term plans of the Red Devils are still under question. Since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, the club has failed to be consistent on and off the field. After the failure of David Moyes, the appointment of big-name managers such as Louis Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho didn’t help. The upper management then decided to put their faith in their former player Ole Gunnar Solskjær but in the long run, it also didn’t pay off. With United struggling to find their feet. here are five former Legendary managers of Manchester United who led their teams during difficult times and led them to glory. –


#5 Ernest Mangnall:

Mangnall is one of the three managers to ever lift a league title with Manchester United. He took charge of the club in 1903 and his stint at the club helped them win their first-ever league title in 1908. Also repeating this feat in 1911.

He also led the club to 2 Charity Shield wins and 1 FA Cup win. He laid the foundation for Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson in the earlier years before joining their arch-rivals Manchester City.



#4 Tommy Docherty:

Docherty had one of the toughest jobs as he took over a European Champion yet declining side. He kept them in the first division for the first two seasons before the relegation in 1974. It gave him time to rebuild the team as they paved their way back into the first division the following season.

United won the 1977 FA Cup under his coaching but his time at the club soon came to an end due to his extramarital affair. Despite never winning the first division title, his team will always remain one of the most exciting United sides of all time and his contribution to the club will remain unmatched.

#3 Ron Atkinson:

Atkinson is undoubtedly the most successful manager of the post-Busby and pre-Ferguson era. His attacking football of the early 1980s helped the team win 2 FA Cups and 1 FA Charity Shield.


His time at the club will always be remembered for the lucrative players he had at his disposal. With Mark Hughes, Bryan Robson and many other stars representing Manchester United during this period, Atkinson had the opportunity to manage of the best English sides of all time.

#2 Matt Busby:

One of the Scots who have filled the club’s history with pride and gave it a winning identity is Matt Busby. His infamous ‘Busby Babes’ was an uprising force in world football but a tragedy took them away from us.

Busby used that pain as grit to achieve even greater heights. During his time at the club, they won 13 trophies that included five First Division title wins, two FA Cup wins and 1 European Cup. He later served as the director and then as the president of the club. The values he instilled at United helped them prosper in the coming decades.



#1 Sir Alex Ferguson:

With 38 trophies beside his name, Sir Alex is undoubtedly the top among the Five Most Legendary Managers of Manchester United. After joining the club as the successor of Ron Atkinson, Ferguson went on to build a domestic dynasty keeping the academy graduates at the heart of it.

His time at the club saw them lifting 13 Premier League titles – most titles won by a single team and a single manager to date. Alongside this, he guided them to 5 FA Cup wins and two UEFA Champions League wins. He retired nearly a decade ago but all his successors have failed to replicate what he achieved – tells volume about his impact on the club and world of football.


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