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This Is Why Erling Haaland Is Creating Ripples In The European Football Market

The enigma of Erling Haaland: Given the recent exploits of two of the sport’s biggest names, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, are receding with every passing day, the focus has already shifted to two new names who have been taking the world by storm.


One of them is a speedster with some insane dribbling game while the other has been smashing records at will. The two most sought-after stars in modern-day football are Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland.

A glimpse at the incredulous numbers of Erling Haaland

Mbappe has already been at the helm of affairs in his brightest livery with some madhouse footballing display while Haaland has just started kissing the glory feats.


The Dortmund striker is already being suited by multiple European clubs and the interest is growing stronger than ever. From Manchester City to Real Madrid, they all want to onboard this sensational striker and at any cost.

The Norwegian wunderkind has smashed 129 goals so far in his career from 173 matches. Interestingly, his tally in the Bundesliga now stands at an overwhelming 56 strikes from just 57 games.

He also didn’t shy away from hammering netters at the biggest stage of all as his exploits in the Champions League read 23 goals from 19 games. What exactly makes Erling Haaland so special?


Being absolutely blatant in footballing terms, Haaland is a total package and has everything that a footballer craves. From his towering height of 1.94m to his insane speed that has borne witness to the Norwegian running rings around his counterpart, he is an explosive at the heart of Dortmund’s attacking force.

More importantly, he puts his stature to the best use where he muscles past his opposition in a heartbeat even before they have realized what’s unfolding around them.

There is another fascinating ability about the Dortmund sharpshooter and that is his flair to remain unfazed even in the worst of situations. He is simply indifferent to his surroundings and believes in plying gilt-edged trade for any side that he is a part of.


Out of the 56 goals that he has scored in the Bundesliga, 43 have arrived in the last couple of years. The preceding two seasons have been a burning ode to his maturity and a signature calm that is getting stronger with every passing day.

It is always said a striker’s menace is his ability to remain reposed in the final third that allows him to finish more efficiently. His first touches have been terrific that give him a second bite at the cherry and we are all aware of his capability to smash those thunderbolts if he manages to secure even an iota of space in the box.

The most fascinating factor about this Norwegian wunderkind is that he is just 21 years old and has his entire footballing life awaiting him. Imagine snapping up a star who can score screamers and simple ones alike, how valuable he would be to teams who are always evolving and never know to stop. Even though the word in the street says that Manchester City is the favourite to land this Norwegian marksman but football has seen weirder developments in the past.



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