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Ronaldo Snubs Retirement Talks As He Wants To Win More Trophies

Ronaldo will be participating in a clash against Liverpool for Manchester United on the weekend

There were wild whispers of Cristiano Ronaldo stepping down from his international duties, citing age as the reason. However, the Portuguese marksman has just cleared up the air around him, quoting that he is going to be hanging in for a while now and try and win more trophies with Portugal.


Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at Manchester United after a freak transfer business of 24 hours that saw the rumours catching wildfire and manifesting themselves in the most glorious fashion, with CR7 returning to the Theatre of Dreams after a staggering 12 years.

This is what Ronaldo had to say about his Portugal stint

He is going strong at the ripe age of 37 years and when asked whether he would like to step down from the international responsibilities, he made it very clear that nothing of that sort isn’t going to unfold anytime soon.


Talking about his national retirement, he was heard quoting, “Why? I think it’s not my time yet. It’s not what people want, it’s what I want.” He continued saying, “It’s when I feel that I’m not capable to run, dribbling, to shoot if the power is gone … but I still have that stuff, so I want to continue because I’m still motivated. It’s the main word – [motivated] to do my stuff, to make people happy and my family happy and the fans and myself. I want to put the level even higher.”

He concluded by saying, “You speak about Portugal but in the Champions League, I have the most goals, the most wins, assists … everything. But I want to carry on. I like to play football. I feel good to make people happy.”

This is what CR7 told about Manchester United’s plan in motion

He also spoke about Manchester United, saying that the club has already put steps in motion where the changes will take time but it would eventually happen.


He also focused on the collective brilliance of affairs that he believes will be driving Manchester United in the near future. Ronaldo will be a part of the upcoming Liverpool clash which will be Manchester’s toughest outing so far in this season.


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