Ranveer Singh’s Mixed Reactions For Premier League Clubs Is Pretty Bamboozling

Ranveer Singh – the darling of all Premier League clubs: Once you surrender your love towards a particular football club, there is no going back. The fans often get attached to the club they support in such a way that the team’s on-field performances and off-field activities start to influence the supporters’ mood and whenever there is love, there is also the possibility of hatred. So, when the team fails to perform well and register good results, the fans may stop cheering for them with time.


When this poor run of form accumulates over the course of a few years, the number of supporters decrease massively. The love one used to have towards their club may start to fade away slowly. The Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh had to go through this phase too while trying his absolute best to stay loyal to his beloved club, Arsenal. But at times, he found it difficult to stay attached to the club.

Is Ranveer still an Arsenal fan?

Yes, he is. The hardship of the Gunners since lifting their Premier League title back in their ‘Invincibles’ days for the last time have made the majority of their fans frustrated in the last two decades and Ranveer was certainly one of them.


Ranveer Singh is currently serving as the brand ambassador of Premier League in India and as revealed by him during a recent interview, Arsenal’s form and performances shattered him at one point. He said, “I was so shattered at one point that I even considered divorcing Arsenal” while talking about his love for the club.

Although, at the last moment, he did not divorce the Londoners and decided to stay loyal to them. His faith has paid off as in the last few seasons the club’s form has improved a bit and a FA Cup win in the 2019/20 season gave him hope to carry on as an Arsenal supporter.

Arsenal is currently sixth in the Premier League with four games in hand and are one of the heavy favourites to secure the top 4 spot by the end of this season. The prospects of his favourite club achieving a UEFA Champions League spot and playing in the UCL after all these years of struggle surely makes Ranveer want to believe again!


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