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“He frustrates me so much” Paul Merson on £160k a week Arsenal man

Paul Merson has stated that he is annoyed with Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s dubious tactics. He blames Arteta for the team’s recent poor performance.


If Arsenal had won the North London derby against Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday night, they could have been able to qualify for the Champions League.

Instead, Tottenham triumphed 3-0. One might argue that Antonio Conte’s team, who are now in the fourth position in the Premier League standings, is the favorite to finish in the top four in the league.


Rob Holding was sent off for the Gunners in the first half. A play that proved to be the turning point in the game for the away team.

Holding got his second yellow card for cutting off Son Heung-min with his elbow. He was afraid that the Spurs forward would rush him for speed, so he blocked him off with his elbow.

It was because of the high line that the Arsenal manager played

Last month, Brighton & Hove Albion secured a 1-0 victory away to Tottenham. Merson has questioned why Arteta doesn’t abandon his philosophy of football for one night only if it helps the Gunners get back into the Champions League.


On Sky Sports, he was quoted as saying, “It irritates me, Jeff. It’s been said that he’s one of the best managers around. It is common knowledge that Tottenham Hotspur is among the elite teams in the world when it comes to playing counter-attacking football. They have played a draw twice against Liverpool and have won both meetings against Manchester City. Why don’t they play the game in the same manner that Brighton did in North London? Why do you feel the need to start each game by saying something along the lines of “we’re going to play the proper way, this is how football is played”?

Mikel Arteta recently signed a new deal

Arteta was recently awarded a new three-year deal by Arsenal. It included a pay raise of almost 60 percent. Thus, bringing his monthly salary up to approximately £160,000 per week [talkSPORT].

However, this choice may turn out to be expensive in the long run. Without a shadow of a doubt, Arsenal supporters will be beyond rage if the team does not place in the top four.


Arsenal has had the opportunity to qualify for the Champions League throughout most of this calendar year. Nevertheless, the club has had a terrible run of form at exactly the worst periods, including a three-match losing streak in the month of April.

At the Emirates Stadium, Arteta is making good money. But now it’s time for him to show why he deserves it. His team will play at Newcastle United tomorrow.



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