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Jack Grealish Gives His Verdict On The New Arsenal Anthem

Chants are an important part of football. It is a way for the fans to make their presence felt in and around the pitch, egging on their players to go for the win or to charge them up when they are down so that they play with a renewed sense of vigour. There are many chants which vary from club to club, and they are normally based on the classic hits of popular yesteryear songs.

So it was not a surprise when a section of Arsenal fans came up with a new chant for their match against Leeds United. Prior to kick-off, the fans started the chant “Angel”, which was written by songwriter Louis Dunford.

The Simple Response By Jack Grealish To The New Arsenal Anthem

The song celebrates the club’s history in and around the area of Islington, as well as the area that surrounds the club ground. The song has since gone viral on Twitter, with even Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta expressing his admiration for the song.
Speaking to the media, he said that it egged on the players a little more in the first half. It was filling them with even more energy. A thing that was quite obvious considering the Gunners were 2-0 up within 10 minutes. It was great to watch and the fans also joined into the celebration of the mood that was going around the Emirates.
In response to the song, Dunford took to Instagram to express his thanks to the Arsenal fans. He further went on to say that they have made this song their own. Another one who was impressed by the song was Man City Star Jack Grealish. He replied to the post with “class bro”, followed by clapping emojis.
This is a nice gesture from Grealish towards something that the Arsenal fans think so dearly of. It is good to see the spirit of the fraternity on full display. Further, the Gooners will hope that this new anthem can motivate the team to push into the Champions League. It is something that their fans have been missing for half a decade now.



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