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“It’s all based on science, numbers and GPS”, Cesc Fabregas Insinuates A Grim Future For Football

Cesc Fabregas is not really hopeful about the current brand of football that is up for grabs at various levels of the sport. He feels that the teams are getting a lot more robotic and somehow the sting that should be burning bright on the field is being dominated by a handful of preconceived strategies and numbers.


The Spanish midfielder rang the warning bells that a player’s flair on the ball is taking a backseat as the clubs are somehow getting blindered by a very narrow outlook which can be defined as “robotic” as the best. He was heard quoting that the football that he has played in his days is now labelled as old-school.

This is what Cesc Fabregas had to say about football

He was heard speaking to Marca, citing the fact, “Football has changed a lot, a lot, a lot. The change began four or five years ago and now it is quite noticeable. I have had several trainers and it has not happened to me with one or two. It has happened to me with four and with five. This is here to stay.”


He further added, “They are methodologies that have been based on many automatisms in which the coach basically tells you how far you have to pass the ball at all times. The player has to be placed in a specific place. A robotic game is being made.”

“Then there is the GPS game. Many coaches are obsessed with numbers. If you don’t do those numbers, you’re not ready to play, that if you rest you have to do these numbers to maintain the level… sometimes I’m a bit of the ‘old school’ in this regard”, said Fabregas.

He concluded by saying, “I have lived great moments, great stages of my career in which physically and emotionally, without training, I had great seasons. Now it seems that if you don’t train you can’t be well. It’s all based on science, numbers and GPS.”


Fabregas also said that the coaches are now more prone to determining their starting eleven completely driven by data and that is something to worry about.

According to the Spanish midfielder, talent is becoming secondary and in the near future, we will be watching robots plying trade on the football field instead of the skilled players that we are used to.




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