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Watch: Lech Poznan Fans Put Up A Mind-Blowing Pyro Show

Ultras of Lech Poznan: ​Ultras have always been an integral part of football fandom and the kind of spectacles that they have presented over the years are bound to fill your hearts with fear, respect, thrills and most importantly adoration.


In an extended list of fans’ special, the latest addition was a rollicking display of fireworks from the fans of Polish outfit, Lech Poznan, as drone footages emerging out of the stadium illustrated an extraordinary display of pyrotechnics in the stands that will leave you browbeaten if your loyalties lie with their opposition.


The story of the match for Lech Poznan

It was the club’s hundredth anniversary and the fans made it a point to mark it with unrivaled aggression. Just ahead of the game against Jagiellonia, the Poznan concourse put up a pyro show at Stadium Poznan, comprising flares, fireworks and smoke bombs, bringing in the lights, sound and fury.

If you believe the fireworks were everything that the fans produced to instill fear in the hearts of the opponent, a colossal tifo was a perfect cap off to the lights and sound madness.

The fans wanted the history to be snapped in the most flamboyant of liveries and let loose a drone to capture the exhilarating scenes in the stands. A full five-minute video was released to showcase the bedazzling brilliance that was up for grabs.


On the mark of their century, the team dished out an impeccable showdown as they schooled Jagiellonia in a lopsided encounter, imposing an emphatic margin of 3-0.

Ishak opened the scoring for Poznan in the 47th minute while Amaral doubled the cushion within just six minutes of the opener. Kownacki hammered home an impeccable strike in the 72nd minute to seal the fate of the contest.



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