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If Rumours Are To Be Believed, What Exactly Does Neymar Brings To Manchester United?

Manchester United hasn’t really been as active as they should have been in the ongoing transfer window. With Pogba leaving Old Trafford for free, there are rumors of an implosion within the ranks that state that Cristiano Ronaldo is not willing to stay at Manchester United due to no signings whatsoever.


As per the latest reports, it is said that Cristiano Ronaldo is only willing to stay if Manchester is committed towards building a solid team for the upcoming season. With so much at stake, somehow, Manchester United has been weirdly silent. There have been interests about Frenkie de Jong and Kalidou Koulibaly, but nothing concrete has come out of the talks yet.

However, another inside source says, if Ronaldo shuffles interest to any other club, Manchester is willing to replace him with Neymar. Even though this sounds like a pipe dream, yet going by the dynamics, 50 million euros is all that PSG is asking for the Brazilian talisman and for a club like Manchester United, it is a cakewalk.


Now what exactly would Neymar bring to the table, if he does arrive at the Theater of Dreams? Actually, there is a lot. The first and foremost thing about Neymar is that he will have to fill the boots of Cristiano Ronaldo and that doesn’t happen often. However, there are very few players in the world who can make this happen.

Neymar is definitely one of them. The Brazilian marksman isn’t just your ordinary forward, lurking in the box for the perfect opportunity. He has some crazy skills up his sleeves and loves to create the game. He takes the ball from deep and dribbles and dazzles his way past defenders without any ado whatsoever.

Add to that the quality finishing that encompasses long-range thunderbolts to clinical placements, making him an absolute menace inside the box. Even though there are times, when he gets too high on the theatrics, yet when he is committed to play, there are very few other players who can match the gentry that he brings to the table.


Ronaldo at 37, is still going strong as he was the highest goal-scorer for Manchester United in the 2021-22 edition of the Premier League while being the third-highest goal-scorer in the League itself with 18 netters, just 5 adrift of Son and Salah.

If these numbers aren’t big enough, the kind of impact that he chipped in with, have been totally unparalleled at Old Trafford. From the clutch finishes to those gorgeous-looking classics that he would hammer home, there was no one like Ronaldo.

Now that is what makes him irreplaceable. However, if the rumours were true, then probably the world would have been flat. However, a rumour coming to life where Ronaldo and Neymar playing together for Manchester United, doesn’t really hurt? Does it? It may also happen.



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