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“The Club And Arsenal Need To Agree”- Arsenal Star Player Makes His Decision To Leave The Emirates This Summer

Lucas Torreira has said that he is now holding out hope that Arsenal and Fiorentina can agree to his transfer. The Serie A club has confirmed that they are interested in keeping the Uruguayan star player on board for the foreseeable future.


Torreira was not included in Mikel Artea’s plans for the team. Therefore Arsenal sent him on loan to Fiorentina during the summer of 2022.

What did Torreira say?

During today’s interview with FanPage, Torreira indicated that he is getting close to making a permanent move away from Arsenal. He said that continued negotiations with Fiorentina are taking place. Torreira is now awaiting the conclusion of those discussions. He said:


“My goal is to remain at Fiorentina. But for that to happen, the club and Arsenal need to agree. In Florence, I am doing quite well. In Italy, I am doing quite well.” 

The top player from Uruguay said that the Premier League is the finest competition in the world and said:

“In England, on the other hand, I am better than them in terms of the football product they provide. The Premier League is where I see the most exciting and skilled displays of the beautiful game. I say this because I have had the chance to play professionally in Italy, Spain, and England. The tempo of play in the Premier League is much faster than in the other leagues. It’s like a football made up of many different tears, all of which have come and gone. It is more impressive than that. And those who attend the game in person or watch it on television will have a lot more pleasant experience as a result.”


Mikel Arteta had some things to say about Lucas Torreira’s desire to quit Arsenal

Arteta discussed Toreira’s desire from the previous year to quit the Gunners and return to South America. But he agreed that it was not the appropriate time to make choices for Toreira at this point.

The manager of Arsenal was quoted as saying: “We have had a conversation with him. We are aware of how difficult this period is for him. He had a strong emotional connection with his mother, and he maintains that connection with his family now. It is a challenging period for him, and emotionally speaking, a lot of things will be going through his head at the same time. When circumstances are like this, it is not the time to make decisions on anything. I have an emotional understanding of how he is now experiencing it. He may have a desire and a sense of obligation to be closer to his family. But, now is not the time to make any choices. It would be a decision nonetheless.”

The midfielder was available for purchase by Fiorentina. But the club did not exercise their option to do so. However, they are continuing to discuss the matter with the Gunners as they are eager to retain the midfielder.


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