This Is Why Jadon Sancho’s Goal Last Night Was Of Symbolic Importance To Manchester United

You know even Gods fail and humans are his very creation that is no where close to perfection. Yet, out of all the fallacies, a few surpasses others in terms of heroics who are generally tagged as greats.


This comes through ages of hard work and determination to excel. With all said and done, even if you manage to win battles once, the war is far from won and even a slight slip-up opens up the opportunity for others to dump a boatload of shit on you from which it needs a mountain of resilience to come out.

Manchester United is one of the most popular clubs in the world and alongside the love that pours for the Devils, there is a boatload of hatred too. Every single move made by the club is questioned vehemently and unless there is seismic success following the move, the questions keep on pouring.


Jadon Sancho was one such tidal move and he came to the Theatre of Dreams at a hefty price tag of 90 million Euros. Such bills draw a lot more attention, especially when Manchester United is involved.

With its Premier League exploits already in shatters, with the coaching position currently occupied by an interim manager, with more than three months of belief down the drain, Jadon Sancho’s signing was proving to be more of a yoke than an asset.

His numbers were so glaring at the Westfalenstadion that the hopes were sky-high when he arrived. Sadly, for him, he was often played out of position and that didn’t help his cause. Day in day out, he was seen leaving the field in frustration with his head held low in dudgeon.


In moments like these, even the best of players need a breakthrough and it doesn’t really come in the form of a monstrous occassion. It comes in small fragments, shards of broken and previous glory stitched together in a garland.

Last night, Manchester United completed a double over the Yellow Submarine despite being caged for most of the regulation time. It needed a deft chip from Ronaldo to rattle the deadlock while some visionary saves from David De Gea to keep the Devils afloat in front of a sinking submarine.


Just as the end drew near and the mighty fine UEL champions of the last season desperately sought an equalizer, United broke free from the shackles and ran as fast as one would run for their life.

Led by Rashford’s precision of keeping the ball glued to him and a thunderbolt run from the English winger, Jadon Sancho, United pumped out an absolute belter as the latter blasted home from close range.

The celebrations of Sancho underlined the pent-up emotions that were piled up in him for ages. This goal may just be a regular incident for the ones following football but to Sancho it was something different.


To Sancho it felt like a tiny glimmer of light peeping through a key hole that would make a madman who has been shackled inside for ages, jump in exhilaration that even the world’s rarest treasure cannot parallel.

It was of symbolic importance to the English speedster because this was the breakthrough moment that he desperately craved for, that he desperately needed, that would have set the beast in him free.


Had the goal being a pinballing effort through various legs, maybe it could have still questioned his confidence. The fact, that he actually slammed it into the roof of the net, in one clean blow, the fact that it was blasted instead of being rolled or being placed softly, the fact that it made Sancho erupt into a delirious frenzy of celebrations, it made a statement.

A statement of fragmented pride and arrival, a statement of belief, a statement of a Titan redivivus was made last night. Many may think that Manchester is aiming to center around Ronaldo and build its fallen empire. Truth be told, at 37, he may still be the guiding light, but he cannot be the king again.

The legacy of United’s brand of excellence must be carried by a youngster and it should be either Jadon Sancho or Mason Greenwood, backed by an ardent David De Gea and Raphael Varane. Ronaldo should still be the guiding light but not the blazing spectacle around which Manchester United should think of rebuilding their dynasty.


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