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“This is what Chelsea is about”, Thomas Tuchel Makes Heartwarming Statement About The Blues Amidst Rising Chaos

A lot has been happening lately where the Blue’s future has been cast into doubt as Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the UK government. Irrespective of the events unfolding off the pitch, Chelsea has dished out another impeccable performance to knock out the reigning French champions from the hallowed European contest.


Despite Chelsea’s initial salvo, Lille secured an early lead, thanks to a confident spot-kick from Burak Yilmaz. Jorginho found himself at the receiving end as his effort to chest down the ball kissed his hand in its flight path.

Throwing the frenetic home supporters into disarray, the Blues took just seven minutes to restore world order and extend their lead back by a two-goal cushion. Jorginho completed a hero transformation from his ignominious howler a few minutes back as his perfectly-weighed pass in the stride of Pulisic was comfortably steered home.


This is what Thomas Tuchel had to say about Chelsea

The match never ran short of gas as the momentum oscillated from one to the other with both the teams desperate to find the back of the net. Lille could have secured their second lead of the night only if the crossbar wouldn’t have played spoilsport to Yilmaz’s stinging essay.

A few minutes later, Chelsea put the game beyond Lille’s reach as Cesar Azpilicueta bombed down from the center to guide home a scouring cross from Mason Mount, snuffing out all hopes of a fairytale comeback.

Talking about fairytale comebacks, Chelsea’s on-field heroics are nothing short of one. There has been intense chaos surrounding the club ever since the club’s owner has struggled to set things right. However, the club’s impressive displays continue to impress the footballing world and provide much-needed hope to their fans.


Thomas Tuchel had faith in his voice as he quoted, “We are all competitors and I always experienced from day one once I was part of the family, a very competitive spirit and a very competitive club.”

He further added, “Chelsea is so clear what it demands from every employee and from every player: play your role, play to the limit, live up to it and take your responsibility.”

Citing about what Chelsea is, he said, “This is what Chelsea is about and that sharpens your mentality and brings out the best in you because it is normal to do it on a daily basis. Because this mentality is installed over years and years, over the decades, that’s why it is possible that we can stay focused. It plays a big part in why we can produce results as we do in the moment now when things are uncertain and unstable around us — because it is already there.”





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