Ken Griffin’s Addition To Probable Chelsea Suitors Makes The Contest An Absolute Blockbuster

It seems that the suitors for Chelsea’s sale are going up with every passing day and despite the amounts offered not coming close to what Abramovich has previously stated, the names are going from strength to strength. The latest addition to this list of suitors for Chelsea was none other than Ken Griffin, the billionaire hedge fund magnate who has come together with the Ricketts family to table a tidal offer for the purchase of the English club.


As per the reports of Sky News, the offer is to be tabled by a joint investment group that has been forged by the Griffin and the Ricketts and the procedures will be completed by Friday.

The development for Chelsea’s sale has found countless windings of the ragged road where it is still unsure what exactly awaits the defending European champions. The word on the street sounds something like that the Ricketts is hopeful of replicating the success that they have had with the Chicago Cubs in the MLB.


Here is what the Ricketts can bring for Chelsea?

The last six years have witnessed staggering success for the Cubs that has seen them racking up the World Series and completing a renovation of the Wrigley Field, a historic arena in the States. Sources even say that this overhaul of the home arena for the Cubs is probably the largest financial stadium restoration project that the country has ever witnessed. The source was heard quoting, “Wrigley Field was transformed from terminal disrepair to a national treasure.”

Had it just been the Ricketts, there would still have been questions but with the arrival of Mr, Griffin, the entire ball game will now take a new shape. He ranks highly on the list of Wall Street executives.

Forbes Magazine recently valued his wealth at $26.5 billion, which labels him as the richest contender to add himself to the list of suitors for Chelsea.


The source also quoted, “the most complete bid con the table – no one else has had the on-field success the Ricketts Family have had with the Cubs, combined with successfully completing a massive renovation of a historic stadium”.



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