This Explosive Statement From Raheem Sterling May Poke Arsenal’s Interest In The English International

Raheem Sterling was absolutely marvellous in the Euro Cup

As the winter window arrives that also acts as a cue to the upcoming madness in the following summer, Raheem Sterling dropped an explosive hint at him willing to leave Manchester City at the end of this year.


One of Sterling’s erstwhile suitors, Arsenal may be looking to renew their interest in the English striker as a potential move away from the Etihad may be on the cards.

The exact reason to believe that Arsenal may come chasing

The Gunners were linked heavily with Sterling in the preceding transfer window after rumours of Guardiola planning a line-up shuffle, manifested. However, things didn’t come to pass as the 26-year-old ended up staying at City and the transfer window closed.


Things, however, haven’t really panned out in Sterling’s favour as under the chaperonage of Guardiola this season, he has only managed to rack up three starts from the seven games down.

This is when the explosive statement was dropped by Sterling as he hinted that he may be looking at a potential move away from Manchester City as he wants more game time.

This is what Raheem Sterling had to say about his intentions

As he talked with FS Business of Sports US Summit, Sterling was heard quoting, “If there was the opportunity to go somewhere else for more game time I would be open to it at this moment in time.”


He was also heard saying, “As I said, football is the most important thing to me — challenges that I have set myself from a young age and dreams as well.”

He concluded by saying, “As an English player all I know is the Premier League and I’ve always thought you know maybe one day I’d love to play abroad to see how I would come up against that challenge.”

These words should definitely galvanize Arsenal’s reticent interest in Sterling however, it is needless to say that coaxing the English international away from Manchester will not be a cakewalk and it will burn an extremely deep hole in Arsenal’s pockets.


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