Thiery Henry Opens Up About Daniel Ek’s Attempt At Buying Arsenal

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has revealed that Daniel Ek is still interested in acquiring a major stake in Arsenal. Several months ago, it was reported that Spotify’s owner, Daniel Ek was interested in buying Arsenal after he tweeted about the same, but there has been no update of it whatsoever since then. Arsenal fans have been protesting against the current hierarchy at the Arsenal for several years now as the fans are furious about the owners not investing in the club which has led to the downfall of Arsenal.


The Kroenke’s are the current major stakeholders in Arsenal and have been a part of the club since 2007. Stan Kroenke was initially a stakeholder in the club, then was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2008 and eventually became a major stakeholder in 2009 and has been the major owner of the club ever since. The Kroenke’s have been heavily criticized for their management and disinterest towards Arsenal.

Who is Daniel Ek?

Daniel Ek is Spotify’s owner and a lifelong Arsenal fan. The Swedish billionaire was heavily interested in acquiring Arsenal from the hands of the Kroenke’s and has been open about it with the fans and the media. Earlier this year, he openly released a statement that said that he had put a formal offer to initiate a takeover but there had been no response from the other side.


Daniel Ek reportedly partnered up with many Arsenal legends to make this takeover successful. Some of them included Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Ian Wright. Thierry Henry and Daniel Ek were spotted together at the Emirates in the North London Derby and when asked about the potential takeover, Henry replied, “We, he, is here to stay. Let’s see what is going to happen. I think it will be long.”

With Daniel still interested in buying the club, it will be interesting to see how things work out between the two parties and if the potential takeover can be turned into a reality.



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