Should Chelsea walk Liverpool’s path to land Michael Edwards and how impactful can this move be?

Todd Boehly has been making waves since his arrival at Chelsea. With the imminent departures of the names who served as the backbone of the club in the last few years such as Bruce Buck, Marina Granovskaia and Petr Cech, Chelsea is truly entering a new era. Boehly has taken over as the interim sporting director of the club.


At the moment, Chelsea is linked with various big names across Europe but they are yet to sign a single player in this transfer window. Reportedly, Boehly wants to give all the freedom in the window to the manager Thomas Tuchel – a model that has been quite successful for a club like Liverpool.

Can Chelsea Imitate Liverpool’s Model and Success?

Todd Boehly has been a huge admirer of what the FSG and Jurgen Klopp have done for the Merseyside and their approach in the transfer market in the last few seasons certainly intrigues him. He wants to instil the Moneyball methodologies at Chelsea too but for that to happen, the club needs to follow a certain style of play through and through and must first bring in a club philosophy that the Londoners have clearly lacked under their previous owner Roman Abramovic.


That’s why Boehly wants to land Liverpool’s former Sporting Director Michael Edwards at Chelsea as soon as possible. He has been instrumental in understanding the needs of Klopp and truly contributed a lot to the transformation of Liverpool. One of Edwards’ main aims was to link the academy with the first team. In this context, he once mentioned, “Once you get to the new building, you haven’t ‘made it’. You are close, but you then need to earn the right to train on the first-team side”.

Undoubtedly, Chelsea has one of the best academies in the world and has produced a pool of talents in the last few years. Interestingly, many of them have gone on to make their names for other clubs as they did not get to do so at Chelsea. That’s exactly one of the first things Boehly wants to stop. He wants to keep the best youngsters at the club and help them grow through the system.

Edwards has done it for Liverpool and this makes him a wanted man in the market as Manchester United is also lurking in the corner. If Chelsea gets to land him, the key behind the club’s success has to be the owner-head coach-sporting director dynamic and if there is a lack of belief in that triangle and amongst each other, the club won’t prosper. So, it will be interesting to see what Boehly goes on to do for Chelsea as the eyes of Europe as already on him.


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