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“Rome is a red and yellow city”, Jose Mourinho ends up crying over Roma’s emotional win against Leicester City

It needed some doing undoubtedly but nevertheless, it was done as Roma would breeze past Leicester City in the Europa Conference League semi-final with a resolute display that would produce just a solitary goal of the night and yet it would augur all the importance in the world for Jose Mourinho.


Tammy Abraham would bang home the opener of the night, securing a slender lead that would be defended adeptly by the Italian forces. Despite not being the reckoning forces that Leicester usually is, yet they would throw everything they could at La Magica and yet the net would refuse to budge.

Mourinho was seen in tears after seeing his club pull off the unthinkable. He has previously been criticized vehemently after his receding stints at Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea but the man has silently continued to encourage youngsters and Tammy Abraham repaid his faith handsomely.


This is what Jose Mourinho had to say about Roma

It is a rare spectacle to see him cry. And yet when the tear rolled down his cheeks, he would say, “Why did I shed a tear? Because I feel what they all feel. It’s a giant club without a trophy room for the social importance of this club.”

He would further continue, “I know what it means to these people and my emotion was for them. I’ve been lucky enough to be in more prestigious finals but this made me feel very special.”


The Portuguese preceptor would conclude by saying, “We have a sense of family. With age you become less selfish and more of a father or even a grandfather to some of them, I’m very happy for all of them. Rome is a red and yellow city, we’ll see the joy over the coming days. I’ve made a small contribution to that.”

The first leg of the fixture witnessed both sides walking out with shared spoils of the game at the King Power Stadium. The second leg started on a cagey note and yet would burst into flames after both the sides would put on some resolute defending to keep the other at bay. In the 11th minute, former Chelsea wunderkind, Tammy Abraham would head home from a Lorenzo Pellegrini free-kick.

Leicester boss, Breandan Rodgers would say, “Our Achilles heel all season has been set pieces and it undid us again tonight. They are about organisation and determination and we lack physicality in those moments. They had five players who were big threats from set pieces so there was always going to be a mismatch somewhere and it came to Ricardo Pereira marking Tammy.”



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