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Revealed: What Will Be The Role Of Marco Asensio In Carlo Ancelotti’s Team?

The Real Madrid Fans Are Wondering What The Role Of Asensio Would Be Now

Karim Benzema and Vinicius Jr. are two of Real Madrid’s most talented attacking players. However, they need a player who can complement those two on the right flank. At the moment, there is practically no one who can do so, at least not regularly. Marco Asensio is one of the wingers who have to improve. He is unquestionably on that list.


But, at the very least, Marco Asensio has shown that he can be important at times. The incredible hat-trick against Real Mallorca came inside the first couple of months of the season for the Spaniard. Then you recall his goal against Inter, his goal against Atletico Madrid, and his performances against a variety of other opponents.

Consistency is the most significant flaw in Marco Asensio’s game. However, this is not the only problem. Despite his ability to move quickly and effectively on the wings, he does not have the speed to go past opponents very readily. As a result, he makes his work with a ball to a midfielder or across that goes nowhere. It just does not function at times.


When he comes up against low-blocks, he has another problem. A bystander is someone who is readily taken for granted; as a result, relying on him to remain at the starting position consistently is too dangerous.

This is an issue, but I believe that there is a solution to it. What would happen if Marco Asensio was transformed into a super sub?

There is one thing about Asensio that I truly like. There is one thing about him that I completely despise as well: this man performs very well when he is demoted to the bench, and then he begins playing quite poorly once he returns to the starting lineup. To a certain degree, he reminds me of Tim Hardaway Jr., who used to be on the Dallas Mavericks’ team.

However, when Asensio comes off the bench for Real Madrid, he brings a lot of enthusiasm to the team’s performance. Because it’s fresh legs vs weary legs, he has little trouble getting past the opposition’s defenders, and the Spaniard understands how to take advantage of this situation.


And, of course, we all know how good Asensio is with the ball. Whether he does it is another matter, but yes, he is capable of doing so. Wow, he’s really very similar to Timmy in appearance.

When Asensio comes off the bench, he can sometimes take advantage of it, which is an underappreciated aspect of the game of football. Shot volume, in my view, is significant since it usually results in pandemonium and the possibility of second chances, which is always a positive thing.

Will Los Blancos sell or keep the player; what will be their final verdict?

It’s a dilemma for Real Madrid because if they bench Marco Asensio, who the heck is going to start for them? Rodrygo is a strong contender, but only if he can maintain his consistency. Eden Hazard, I’m not sure what to say anymore.


The obvious option could be Gareth Bale if he is fit. But if you know anything about Bale, you know that is a huge ‘if.’ However, the Welsh star has recovered from his injuries, and it is hoped that he will be given additional opportunities in the future.

The inclusion of Asensio on the right side of Real Madrid’s midfield would not significantly improve their situation, but should he come off the bench, it may become a weapon for manager Carlo Ancelotti to employ when things aren’t going well for them.



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