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“They Must Sign Him”- Real Madrid Suggested Luka Modric’s Immediate Long Term Successor

According to the information provided by Kevin Hatchard, Real Madrid is considering making a long-term acquisition of Jude Bellingham as a successor to Luka Modric.


The great Croatian midfielder has signed a contract extension that will keep him playing for Real Madrid until the summer of 2023. But the fact that he is not getting any younger means that he will need to be replaced.

Real Madrid has several promising young players, such as Eduardo Camavinga and Federico Valverde. But it is not going to be simple for them to find replacements for players like Modric and Kroos.


Bellingham has made significant strides while playing for Borussia Dortmund. So, there has been speculation about the possibility of him moving back to England and playing in the Premier League.

What did Hatchard say?

Hatchard feels that Bellingham’s return to England is not the most likely of paths because the Spanish champions are interested in him.

“I believe that sometimes we simply instantly assume that when an English player who has flourished overseas departs, they are going to automatically come back to the Premier League. I don’t know why we do that. But sometimes I think we do. But if you look at what Real Madrid is doing in terms of putting together a roster with some talented young players, he is a guy who, according to German media, they have targeted for the summer of next year,” Hatchard said.


He added: “As a component of this plan to revitalize that midfield, they are interested in acquiring his services. Luka Modric has extended his contract for one more year. Although it is unclear what will take place with him after this next summer. Perhaps Jude Bellingham is the one whom they will target. Because of his energy and enthusiasm, Bellingham would be an immediate success at Real Madrid.”

The recently crowned European champions already have a formidable roster. But the possible addition of Bellingham would further enhance the level of their play.

Will Real Madrid target Bellingham?

The young midfielder has impressed with his great maturity and ability for Dortmund, even though he is still quite young.


Bellingham is a box-to-box midfielder who can break up play from a central position. He also can push forward with his speed and beat people at will. He only scored three goals in the Bundesliga during the previous season. But, his eight assists demonstrate that he is capable of contributing to the action in the final third.

Although it would be ridiculous to compare him to a midfield metronome-like Modric, Bellingham has a unique mix of qualities that would make Los Blancos a more exciting squad if they had him on their roster.



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