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Real Madrid Contacts Antonio Rudiger For Possible Transfer

In what could be significant transfer news this summer, Spanish giants Real Madrid have eyed Antonio Rudiger of Chelsea as their primary defensive signing. The German’s current contract with Chelsea will end this June and renewal is not on the cards given Rudiger’s demands regarding a massive increase in his wages. Antonio’s current situation is observed closely by other elite clubs as well, some of them include the likes of Juventus and PSG.


The Los Blancos have had a long-term interest in acquiring the services of the German defender but have found it difficult to do so due to the player’s demands. According to several reports, Rudiger is demanding close to 55m between wages and agent fees for four seasons. Due to this very reason, Florentino Perez and the team dropped the idea of Antonio Rudiger.

But after playing him in person, Real Madrid has once again decided to pursue the defender over a potential free transfer this summer. Rudiger was highly involved in what could have been Chelsea’s historic comeback at the Santiago Bernabeu. A goal and a brilliant performance against the Whites at their home truly proved why Perez was interested in signing Antonio.


Why does Real Madrid need Antonio Rudiger?

Although Real Madrid’s defense has proved to be certainly very good this season, it still lacks depth and height. This was seen at Bernabeu when Chelsea completely dominated the game in the second leg and exploited the defence because Militao was suspended. The team has also struggled a lot when it comes to defending set pieces.

Something Rudiger does fantastically, moreover, he would also bring calmness and reliability in the defence which is a must. It will also give the manager the flexibility to use different formations if needed.


What are the cons that come with signing Rudiger?

High wages demanded by the player will play a key role in this transfer saga. The current demanded wage by Rudiger is significantly high compared to other top defenders in the game. It was the very reason why the Los Blancos were hesitant in acquiring his services in the first place. While Rudiger has been Chelsea’s best defender, the team’s back 3 formation has allowed him to flourish. Something he will not cherish at Real Madrid where Carlo Ancelotti prefers to play a back 4.


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