Liverpool Could Be Investigated For Postponing Arsenal Game

Liverpool could be investigated for postponing the match against Arsenal. The semi-final for the Carabao Cup was due to be played on Thursday, January 6, 2022. However Liverpool reported several possible positive tests that resulted in the postponement of the fixture. It turned out Liverpool only had 1 actual positive result in Trent Alexander Arnold. As a result, various clubs have asked to investigate Liverpool.


What are the chances of having so many false positives?

The chances of having false positives are highly unlikely. It is believed to be 99.97% accurate. A fixture can only be postponed if a club cannot field 13 players. Liverpool applied to EFL for postponement of the fixture after claiming to have over 10 possible positive Covid cases. The actual positive cases turned out to be only 1, the possibility of that happening is highly unlikely.



The clubs are putting pressure on EFL to investigate the situation. There may be massive punishment if found guilty. Failing to fulfil a fixture without a just cause could result in a big punishment for Liverpool. Many other clubs feel hard done by EFL. Additionally ‘smaller clubs’ feel that big clubs like Liverpool are given a special treatment and hence have come together and asked for an investigation.

Reaction From Arsenal Fans

While some Arsenal fans feel even if Liverpool are found guilty, the chances of a serious action are very low whereas other are calling for Liverpool to be kicked out of the competition.

There are some that are calling out EFL for justice.


It remains to be seen what the outcome of this will be but there is something fishy going on for sure. An investigation may or may not happen but certainly various clubs are pressurizing EFL into conducting one. Furthermore punishment could be a hefty fine or as serious as disqualification from the cup for failing to fulfil a fixture. As we look at Liverpool could be Investigated for postponing Arsenal game.


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