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“In a few years we will realize how difficult it was”, Lionel Messi’s old quote about La Liga going viral

Lionel Messi and his advance warning: It definitely was everything but a happy ending for Barcelona in the latest edition of La Liga where Real Madrid was crowned the champions for a staggering 35th time and this time with an overwhelming 4 games to spare.


The lead that Los Blancos managed to secure for themselves was way too staggering and in the kind of imperious form that Karim Benzema is in unless there was a major miracle that would need a lot of factors at play, there was no catching of the leaders whatsoever.

Real Madrid would demolish Espnayol emphatically as Rodrygo netted a fine brace with strikes from Marco Asensio and Karim Benzema on the other side of the half, doing the trick for Madrid. Their hapless counterparts would simply be fillers in front of the marauding Galacticos.


This is what Lionel Messi would say about La Liga

Barcelona, on the contrary, arrested a steady decline after Xavi came in but the dent was too massive to put a stopper in Real’s championship run while the team needed a major overhaul to address the immediate concerns.

Barcelona is currently placed in the second spot with 66 points from 34 matches with Sevilla and Atletico Madrid breathing very closely on their neck. Even though for Atletico, it feels that covering 5 points in 4 games is quite a marathon effort, yet football has seen the weirdest of incidents earlier.

However, an old message by Lionel Messi has started doing the rounds and it was done in 2019. In fact, ESPN FC put it up in a separate tweet, quoting, “Barcelona haven’t won La Liga since Messi made this speech”. It was the last time that the Catalans will win the league handsomely with a staggering difference of 11 points.



In 2019, the Catalans were a tough force and they had some illustrious monikers driving the show for them with Messi spearheading the charge. At that point in time, the kind of brilliance that La Masia would conjure day in and day out, would simply be mind-boggling. They had some terrific firepower in their shed and their defence was hard to crack open.

The power that Barcelona generated back then, only if people would have known that it was all coming to a standstill in the span of less than a year. Messi’s words now ring very true for the Blaugrana fans as Barcelona’s struggle continues. Even though it is expected that Xavi will be able to turn the boat around, yet it is a long haul and definitely a far cry from the glory that Barcelona was always known for.




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