‘I would bite your hand off for that’-Ally McCoist talks about N’Golo Kante’s contract renewal at Chelsea

N’Golo Kanté has been one of the vital cogs of Chelsea. The 31-year-old has delivered the goods time and time again for the club. He played a substantial role in helping the club win more trophies. The Paris-born footballer is widely acknowledged for his work rate and defensive shrewdness.


Meanwhile, former Scottish footballer, Ally McCoist has made a bold claim that he would be overly excited if he was actually offered a 3-year contract like Arsenal wanted man N’Golo Kante, has reportedly been offered at Chelsea Football Club.

While speaking to talkSPORT, the football pundit added that there should be no reason why the 31-year-old France international should be snubbing Chelsea’s new deal, given his recent injury woes and his age.


It is cognizance of the fact that the salary of a football player declines gradually as the years progress. The younger ones are given the top-most priority, which has been the case across Europe.

What did Ally McCoist say about Kante?

As per the recent reports, the 2018 World Cup winner is not really interested in even giving time to think about signing a contract at Chelsea. The reports added that the central midfielder will become a free agent next summer and that he might end up joining another club.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the France international. According to Ally McCoist, there might be reasons why Kante has turned down a new deal offered at Chelsea. The pundit added that Kante, perhaps, wasn’t convinced with the length of the contract offered to him at the club.


“We are guessing again because we don’t know the ins and outs of the contract. If you ask me right now, and I am on the outside looking in, if I am 31, I have had one or two injury problems, like Kante has, then there is a three-year contract, I would bite your hand off for that. That’s assuming I want to stay.” said the 59-year-old McCoist.




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