Joe Cole Wants Thomas Tuchel As England’s New Prime Minister

Thomas Tuchel: A fighter against all odds – In the modern world, it’s often impossible to separate one aspect of life from another, especially in an age of social media when everything is out in the open. One such thing happened at the capital of England when Roman Abramovich, the owner of the London based club Chelsea had to face sanctions for his possible connections with Vladimir Putin and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.


The politics got mixed with football and with that the staff and the fans of the club have been subjected to a lot of embarrassment in the recent weeks. In the midst of this chaos, one man has stood firmly – Thomas Tuchel, the German manager of Chelsea has won the hearts of everyone with his way of handling things around the club.

He had to face constant questions and pressure from the media related to this subject and most of the time he kept his cool while tackling them. Tuchel has been forced to make a comment on the condition of the club and the potential change in the ownership in nearly every single of his interviews in the past week and not even for once has he said anything that may spark controversy.


His aura and charisma in front of the camera have impressed many pundits and former footballers and as a result, he has been applauded by many over the course of this past few weeks. One of those pundits was the former Chelsea player and club icon Joe Cole. Joe had high praises for the German when asked about his leadership and ability to carry himself in front of the press. Cole even went on to add, “You see a football manager stepping up like that, talking like that, doing that and it is just a breath of fresh air. He should be Prime Minister.”

Thomas Tuchel for Prime Minister?

Well, maybe not. But Joe used this phrase to highlight Tuchel’s exemplary leadership skills. The world of football often witnesses bad examples of leadership, so to see someone like Tuchel making the most out of this situation and replying to the doubters both on and off the pitch in a composed manner was a breath of fresh air.


The future of the club is not clear yet. There is still no clarification on who may become the new owner. But despite these worries, the fans can go to bed peacefully knowing that their Tommy T is there to handle everything.


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