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4 Probable Real Madrid Transfer Targets In The Summer Window

Real Madrid has always been known for handpicking the elite players. After the Superleague fiasco, Real Madrid decided to change their manager. Florentino Perez brought back Carlo Ancelotti to set their sails and start his first transfer market as a Real manager.


Key players having injuries and delivering several inconsistent performances will result in a lot of reshuffling this summer. Carlo has been entrusted with rebuilding his ship, which only makes the summer’s transfer window all the more awaited.

Real Madrid and their desires:

1. Kylian Mbappe – Forward

Kylian Mbappe is a rising legend, his young blood, and extreme finesse are cutting through records like a knife in butter. Since a teenager, he’s been making his mark in the French Ligue 1. Scoring 45 goals with PSG and 48 overall in a single season, he is an unstoppable beast.


After six years within the French top flight, Mbappe might be on the move to Real Madrid.

He would be playing sideways with Karim Benzema, a magical sight for all Madrid fans.

The Frenchman has bagged over 150 goals in his newborn career and has won every trophy except the Champions League, where they lost to Bayern Munich in the finale.


With Real Madrid winning the maximum number of Champions League trophies, Real might be the way for him to add another feather on his hat.

Mbappe stands as the second-most expensive signing in history, so Madrid will certainly need to risk a lot to secure this asset. However, the 22-year-old has only one year left on his contract at PSG and has not signed a replacement contract yet, hinting at an interest in a Real Madrid move.

2. Harry Kane – Forward

One of the key targets of Los Merengues is the captain of Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Kane. He is an iconic goal scorer of this era.


Even after scoring numerous goals, the London club has been lacking to bag trophies. Reaching the latter counterpart of his career is one of the prime factors he wishes to transfer.

Harry Kane has been Tottenham Hotspur’s top goal scorer for seven long consecutive seasons, therefore the England captain would be an important addition at Real Madrid, who has faced problems scoring goals this season.

Madrid has been relying solely on Karim Benzema on goals since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018. The Frenchman has tried his best and performed mind-blowingly, but he has been short on certain occasions.


Tottenham chairman, Daniel Levy, cannot be swayed easily when it comes to selling players. However, the record of trophies becoming thinner and thinner with every season might be a reason strong enough for Kane to leave the club.

3. Jules Kounde – Centre-Back

The center-back position would be a crucial one in the upcoming transfer window. It has been Kounde’s dream to play for Madrid. He has been one of LaLiga’s top three CBs and has had an excellent campaign with Sevilla.

He is mainly a center-back but can also play on the right, which might be of keen interest for Madrid. He would be a key player to fixate our eyes on as he joins the France squad, the best to snatch trophies. The Frenchman on the field with Benzema and, fingers crossed, Mbappe would be a sight to behold.


4. Nicolo Barella – Midfield

The Italian has proved to be one of the best midfielders in Serie A this season. Winning the league, he has registered ten goal contributions with seven assists.

A key reason to bring him on board with Madrid is the history he shares with Carlo Ancelotti. Carlo tried to sign him for Napoli in January 2019.

He could be an ideal replacement for Luca Modric. They share a similar mindset along with sharp exchanges. His control over the ball and clean footwork could prove extremely beneficial to Real. With Carlo’s return, he could be a probable addition to the family.


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