Five Lamest Excuses Given By Managers After Shocking Results

The defeats are part of the sport. The disappointment and pain that come with a loss are unbearable at times. These feelings often drive the athletes to win so that they don’t have to go through that again. But looking at it from another perspective, defeats help build the character of participants. That’s why sports help teach people how to deal with the hardships of life and build character. Although, at times, people find it extremely hard to accept a loss and try to hide behind excuses. In football, it’s no different and often, not only the footballers but also the managers and coaches try to protect themselves by hiding behind excuses. Here are Five Times the Managers have come forth with the Lamest Excuses –


#5 Thomas Tuchel:

Everyone considered Tuchel’s Chelsea to be the favourite to win over Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. But the football deity had other ideas. Despite dominating the entire game, the match ended in a 1-1 draw. A mistake from Chelsea star Jorginho cost his team big-time before he made up for it with his penalty.

The Chelsea manager blamed the floodlights of the stadium for the error as the German claimed that Jorginho failed to judge the situation properly leading to the mistake that cost his team. It’s obvious that Tuchel is having trouble accepting this result but this reasoning has been deemed as an excuse by many football enthusiasts.


#4 Jurgen Klopp:

Klopp’s quote on the windy conditions at the Goodison Park playing a part in a goalless draw against Everton riled up a lot of football fans but that was not the first time he said something like that. After a 2-0 aggregate defeat to Southampton in the 2017 EFL Cup semi-final, he also blamed the ‘strange wind’.

After a defeat to the Wolves in the FA Cup, he used the same excuse to cover up for his players struggling to control the ball. He may have been to silence his doubters with a Premier League title win and UEFA Champions League win but his analysis behind his team’s losses often don’t go down well with the viewers.


#3 Pep Guardiola:

Guardiola found it a bit tough to fit into the mould of English football soon after he arrived in 2016. His first season was filled with unexpected setbacks and one of them included a FA Cup fifth-round defeat to the Championship side Huddersfield.

He praised the opposition and their form but went to address the ‘poor condition’ of the pitch behind the loss of his team. There was a rugby game on that ground two days before their FA Cup clash and according to Pep, that made the pitch slow and it helped the opposition to win. The truth behind the statement has undoubtedly remained questionable.



#2 Jose Mourinho:

Any fan following the game of football for the last few years knows how much Mourinho loves the media attention and how much the media also loves Jose. His words in the press conferences have given birth to various iconic and controversial moments.

Things have not changed even at his new club, AS Roma; when a few weeks back he pointed out the lack of bench strength at the club as the reason behind their defeat to Juventus. Well, in front of the mass media, this once again came out as an excuse as Roma spent £90 million in the summer transfer market – the sixth most spent in Europe.

#1 Sir Alex Ferguson:

The rivalry of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United and Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle United of the mid-1990s was a joy to watch. Two highly competitive individuals with extreme competitive drive going at each other was a sight to behold.


In 1996, the two sides met at Saint James’ Park and this time Keegan’s Newcastle scored five past Ferguson’ Manchester. This result did not go down well with Six Alex as after the game he came up with the excuse of ‘jet lag’ and added, “We could have scored five goals ourselves”. As we come to the end of five excuses by managers..



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