Five Defenders with the Highest Number of Goals for Arsenal

The evolution of football has given birth to many exceptional talents. As more and more prodigies started to enter the game, the variations started to become clearer with time. The offensive players started to become the first defenders of their team and the goalkeepers turned into the first offensive player. The teams with limited resources and firepower had to learn to fight differently. Some started to use their tall and quick defenders as a prime weapon while attacking the set-pieces. Arsenal were no different. Here are five Arsenal defenders with the highest number of goals for their club –


In the past, the club has gone through numerous ups and downs but has always fought its way back into the limelight. The club has a rich history of producing world-beating talents. With some of the world’s best defenders wearing the red and white shirt. The team sometimes had to look up to their defenders to produce some of the most memorable footballing moments of all time.

#5 William Gallas:

The transfer of Gallas from Chelsea to their direct rival as a part of the Ashley Cole deal didn’t go down well amongst the fans of both camps. Gallas although with time won them over and even was shouldered with the responsibility of leading the team while wearing the number 10 shirt. He scored his first Arsenal goal against Sheffield United and thereon scored many crucial goals for the club in the coming years. Goal against Manchester United in 2007 to redeem himself and a goal against his former club Chelsea later that year to secure three points for the club.


In a time when Arsenal were going through a lot of ups and downs due to squad rebuilding and player injuries, Gallas led the team from the front and served the Gunner for four years. He eventually left the club in 2010 to join Tottenham Hotspurs after making 142 appearances and scoring 17 goals – cementing his place as the fifth-highest goal-scoring defender in Arsenal’s history.

#4 Laurent Koscielny:

Arsene Wenger’s bias towards the signing French players is a well-known fact but that takes nothing away from another fact that signing Koscielny is to date one of the smartest signings he ever made. After scoring his debut goal against Bolton Wanderers, Laurent went on to score 27 goals during his nine years stint at the club.


He was one of the most consistent performers for the Gunners during his time there. Even though his primary job was the lead the defensive line, he stepped up to score numerous crucial goals. He scored goals against AC Milan, Manchester City, Bayern Munich and  a goal in the 2014 FA Cup final against Hull City.

#3 Lee Dixon:

Dixon is undoubtedly one of the best footballers to ever wear the Arsenal shirt. The legendary English right-back played in London for 15 years and made over 600 appearances in all competitions. Dixon was one of the few players who survived under Arsene Wenger despite signing for the club before his arrival.

Lee Dixon was never the one to rely on when it came to scoring goals, rather he solidified his legacy as a great overall full-back. He hung up his boots in 2002 after Arsenal secured their remarkable ‘double’. He is to date the third-highest scoring defender for the club with 28 goals in 15 seasons.


#2 Frank McLintock:

McLintock joined the club from Leicester City for a club-record fee. The start of his Arsenal career was rocky and dramatic but he recovered well from that. He was later even shouldered with the responsibility of leading the club.

The centre-back led Arsenal to the double in the 1970–71 season. After loyally serving the team for 9 long seasons, he left the Gunners in 1973 after scoring 32 goals in 403 appearances in all competitions.

#1 Tony Adams:

Tony Adams is one of the best centre-backs of modern football. He alongside Nigel Winterburn, Lee Dixon, and Steve Bould formed the “famous back four” at Arsenal. After fighting with alcoholism, Tony gained the status of “Mr Arsenal” and turned his number 6 shirt into an iconic one. He led the team to two doubles in the 1997–98 and 2001–02 seasons.

He made 672 appearances in all competitions and scored 49 goals – securing his legacy as the top-scoring defender in Arsenal history. His ability to read the game helped him to be in the right position at the right time. His leadership, ability to carry the ball forward and make off the ball runs despite being a centre-back massively helped Arsene Wenger as a manager to build his dream Arsenal team and made Tony one of the most respected footballers of recent times. As we finish the Five Defenders with the Highest Number of Goals for Arsenal.


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