Five Current Teams In The Premier League That Manchester United Has Been Most Successful Against

The introduction of the Premier League has brought in a bag full of entertainment for football viewers around the globe. The league has produced numerous moments of joy, sorrow, madness, and miracle. These moments keep the fans hooked to the league and make them follow the league wholeheartedly. Many of these moments produced by Manchester United – the most successful team in the league. With 13  Premier League titles by their names, here are Five current teams in the Premier League that Manchester United has been most successful against –


#5 Aston Villa FC:

Manchester United has faced Aston Villa 53 times in the Premier League till now and has got the better of Villa 37 times – a win rate of nearly 70%. With only 12 draws and 4 losses against them, it is safe to say that the Red Devils love to play against Aston Villa. This fixture has always brought in entertainment and goals for the spectators as the two teams have shared 129 goals in total between them – 2.43 goals per game. One of the most iconic clashes between them has to be Manchester United hosting Aston Villa at Old Trafford in the 2008/09 season where the host won the game by three goals to two.

#4 Crystal Palace FC:

These two have faced each other 25 times in the Premier League with Manchester United winning 18 times – a remarkable win percentage of 72% against the Londoners. Manchester United has the record of single-handedly dominating this fixture with 45 goals scored in 25 games, i.e. 1.8 goals per game and 17 clean sheets kept. Meanwhile, Crystal Palace has only been able to score 13 games against the Red Devils in 25 games, i.e. 0.52 goals per game – further proving the one-sided nature of this fixture.


#3 Brighton & Hove Albion FC:

Brighton & Hove Albion’s time at Premier League has been quite limited as the club has spent the majority of their time in lower divisions since the creation of the Premier League. So, Manchester United has faced this side only 8 times till now – winning 6 times and losing twice – registering a win percentage of 75%. This is another fixture full of goals as the teams have scored 25 goals in 8 games – 3.13 goals per game and five of those have come from penalty spots – showcasing the chaos this fixture often brings in.

#2 Norwich City FC:

They have faced each other 19 times in the Premier League with Manchester United winning 15 of them – a win percentage of 79%. Against Norwich, Manchester United has a ridiculous scoring rate of 1.9 goals per game as they have netted 36 goals against them till now. With 11 clean sheets in 19 games, United has a clear dominance of Norwich City.


#1 Watford FC:

Watford has always found it hard to stay up in the Premier League and has often gotten relegated after one or two seasons in the top division. That’s why they have faced Manchester United only 15 times till now with United winning 12 of them – a win rate of 80%! Manchester United have 32 goals against Watford – 2.13 goals per game. This fixture has never witnessed a draw and the 7 penalties awarded in these 15 games showcases the end to end entertainment this fixture provides.



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