Five Best Cbs Who Have Played For Arsenal

Arsenal have had numerous defenders who have given their all for the badge and have proved to be legends of the game. The club’s rich history and culture speak for itself, as they have over 50 trophies to show and are among one of the most successful clubs in the world. While they are struggling in defence for the past few years, things were not like these always for the Gunners, their defenders were one of the most fierce and dangerous in the league. In this article, we go down history lane and see the Five best Cbs who have played for Arsenal.


#5 Pat Rice

Even though he played for Arsenal several years ago, the fans know him very well as he was the assistant coach to former Gunners manager, Arsene Wenger. But Pat Rice is much more than what the fans of now know him as, his ceiling of talent and ability was well renowned among those who watched and played with him.

In the 13 years he played for Arsenal, he made over 500 appearances and in his very first season, they managed to win a double as Arsenal won both the League Championship and the FA Cup. He left the club in 1980 but came back as Arsene’s assistant manager.


#4 Lee Dixon

A player who etched his name in the heart of all fans was Lee Dixon. His character, personality, and leadership were what made Lee special and class apart. He was a proper modern right back, but a very balanced one, something which is very hard to find among right-backs these days. He had the ability to cross the ball with ease in the box and was very lethal going forward, but was very good while defending too.

Lee Dixon went on to make 619 appearances for Arsenal, with this he also became the club’s fourth all-time record player to have the most number of appearances. He was and still is the best right-back Arsenal have ever had.

#3 Sol Campbell

Sol Campbell created one of the most controversial transfers ever in history as he moved to Arsenal from arch-rivals Tottenham Hotspur. He was the captain of Spurs but moved to Arsenal when they came knocking and went on to become one of Arsenal’s best defenders ever. What makes the feature of Campbell in this article of Five est Cbs who have played for Arsenal is that even though he was at the club for a short period of time, he made a name for himself.


His ability in air and physicality was unmatched, and he was the final piece of the puzzle Wenger needed to win the title in 2003/04 as they became the Invincibles.

#2 David O’Leary

David O’Leary wasn’t the most gifted player, nor was he the most talented of the lot, but one thing he was best at was working the hardest amongst his teammates. When he signed for Arsenal, the club was struggling a lot and were even close to getting relegated, but he helped them stay up.

When he was ageing and was suffering from injuries, the club even signed new players to replace him, but he fought those setbacks and claimed his rightful spot in the starting XI. With 722 appearances for the Gunners, David O’Leary is also the player with the most appearances for Arsenal.


#1 Tony Adams

This comes without a doubt as Tony Adams tops this list. Very fondly known as Mr Arsenal, Tony Adams was the true definition of loyalty, passion, and dedication for the club, a player like him defined the values Arsenal possesses. Apart from his world-class abilities on the pitch, Tony’s leadership qualities were regarded as the best.

He had a very successful 20-year long career where he played over 650 matches for Arsenal. Not only defensively, but Adams was very good going forward too as he burst the confidence into the attack. A player like Tony Adams is one in a thousand.


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