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Eder Militao Was All Praises For This Real Madrid Icon

Real Madrid defender, Eder Militao opened up on the departure of former Los Blancos captain, Sergio Ramos. It is surmised that if someone would actually benefit from this departure it would be none other than the aforementioned full-back.


The Brazilian defender said, “It’s a pity that Ramos left Real Madrid. I say it because inside our dressing room he was amazing. We all know the history he made and what he achieved during his years at Real Madrid. I don’t have words to describe how important he was.”

The Brazilian center-back also confessed that how significantly he learned from the Spanish defender.


He cited, “All that I learned from him these two years…He’s just an amazing person, he has a winning mentality. He’s surely a club legend and also a legend for those who like football. I wish him good luck and happiness wherever he goes.”

Eder Militao’s Upcoming Challenge At Real Madrid

Militao seems to be the perfect starter for Real given the departure of Ramos and the likeliest exit of Varane too. However, it is believed that Real will need a perfect partner in either Kounde or David Alaba.

Militao had an extraordinary outing so far for Brazil in Copa America with two full displays of 90 minutes each. However, things won’t be the same at Real Madrid for Militao like it is in Brazil.


He will have to put in a lot more effort in order to stitch together decent showdowns because what lies ahead of him is astronomical. Filling in the boots of Ramos and Varane is titanic but this will also provide him the chance to outshine himself against all odds.


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