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Cristiano Ronaldo Has Once Again Started Appearing On Italian Newspapers For This Reason

​In a completely new development, Juventus has found themselves at the receiving end of an inquest surrounding the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo and things aren’t boding well for the Old Lady.


The Bianconeri are under investigation for presenting false accounting information regarding the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo. To sort out the affair, the investigation committee has chosen to launch a detailed investigation into the accounts of Juventus.

A brief glimpse at the deeds of Juventus revolving around Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus have been blamed for representing false gains and Guardia di Finanza appeared at Continassa on Friday to ascertain the required information.


Corriere Dello Sport reported that it was a mandate to acquire the accounting, non-accounting banking and correspondence documentation that is pertaining to every transaction that the club has performed since 2018.

There have been two cases that are dangling over the head of Juventus and they involve a private agreement of that which concerns the contractual kinship and the debts of salaries of Cristiano Ronaldo. The other one is of ‘writing certifying the existence of a’ non-federal obligation ‘on the part of Atalanta in the context of the double transfer operation of the players Merih Demiral and Cristiano Romero’.

A reference has been made about a secret document that should have existed. The entire calculation went off the charts just before the start of the lockdown across the globe. Despite the situation coming back to normal after a few months, yet the stone-cold calculations didn’t tally the records.


Despite his former club landing in trouble, Cristiano Ronaldo hammered his 800th and 801st goal of his international career as Manchester United secured a thrilling victory despite trailing for the most part of the first half.

Bruno Fernandes equalized it for Manchester United while Ronaldo hammered twice once from a volley and the other one from the spot. This victory also marked the end of Michael Carrick’s coaching stint as he went out on a victorious note.




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