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REPORTS: Barcelona Has Shortlisted The Replacement Of Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

Marc-André ter Stegen, a German professional footballer, and Barcelona’s present goalkeeper is planned to be replaced as decided by the club. André Ter Stegen has allegedly been squirming in the recent matches, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed.


Barcelona has started its hunt for a number of robust goalkeepers. It has been keeping an eye on the market and is digging deep for the same purpose.

Barça’s choice of a new goalkeeper :

The latest name on the minds of the Catalans for the goalkeeper post is that Luis Maximiano. Luis Maximiano is a Portuguese professional footballer, playing currently for the Spanish club, Granada. The 23-year-old protege has been on the good side of Barça owing to the fact, that in the latest season of La Liga, he has the maximum number of saves. As a result of the poor performance of Granada in the latest season, the club itself has been downgraded. This also means that the overall release clause of Luis Maximiano is cut down to half. The release clause of Maximiano now amounts to 12.5 million euros straight from 25 million euros. Given all this, Maximiano would now be a prominent purchase of Barça, especially with the club’s inflexible budget.


There also has been news of Luis Maximiano being fancied by Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli , an Italian football club. Napoli will also have to prepare a new lineup of goalkeepers. The reason for this is that the current goalkeepers of Napoli, David Ospina and Alex Meret, are about to reach the dead end of their contract with the Italian club.

All this being said, Barça is planning to keep Maximiano in the hold-up temporarily. The club is aiming at Spanish player, Inaki Pena. He currently plays in Galastray after conceiving a loan from Barcelona, and his regime has been remarkable in the Turkish club. He is bound to be the cunning choice for goalkeeping as perceived by Barcelona.

Barcelona selling off Neto :

Norberto Murara Neto, the second footballer of Barça is also expected to be sold off by the club soon. Murara Neto, it’s been noted, is discontent with always being Barça’s second choice at goalkeeping, after André Ter Stegen. Neto also realises that now after  André Ter Stegen has recovered from his injury and is totally in good shape, there is zero chance of him playing. Neto is set to proceed into the Premier League. Barça also seems willing to loosen its hold on Neto.


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