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Arsenal Reveal Their Stance On Real Sociedad Striker Alexander Isak

The Fans Were Wondering Why The Gunners Did Not Sign Isak

As a result of the January transfer window, Arsenal did not sign a centre-forward. That is a point that will be repeated every week until the conclusion of the season. Every loss, tie or missed chance in front of goal will bring this to the forefront of everyone’s mind. The danger is increased if the option to recruit a successor for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang doesn’t go through. Also, the problems increase when the team needs a more predatory pedigree and the chance is passed up.


When Alexandre Lacazette fails to convert a good opportunity, Mikel Arteta and Edu will come in for heavy criticism. Moreover, a large number of inquiries addressed at the club will revolve around why they did not sign Alexander Isak. The fans at the Emirates have high regard for Isak. The answer to that question is a rather obvious one: he was an extremely expensive proposition.

Arsenal’s position on Alexander Isak and his £76m release clause suggests that the club has plans for the summer transfer window.

With a release clause at an eye-watering €90m (£76m), it became evident that, despite the Gunners’ fondness for the Swede, that kind of money was not what they considered to be a fair price for him. It would have been a foolish move to spend that much money on a 22-year-old, who hasn’t proven himself yet in the Premier League.


According to The Athletic, it was for just this reason. When it was time to trigger that clause, the sum required was considered to be ‘above his genuine market worth’. The club did not go through with it. They did not want to spend big in January.

Whether or not one feels that Isak is the solution, Arsenal’s decision not to dip into their monetary reserves for a last-minute signing must be applauded. Isak’s current price due to the release clause is just too high. Based on such arguments, they were correct not to sign him. The fact that they did not bring anybody else in, even if it was a loan, is another story. As for the future, this posture provides a glimpse of what may be in store, later on, possibly even this summer.


What next for Arsenal now moving forward?

Real Sociedad were insistent that they would not accept anything less than a Champions League berth in the middle of the season, which makes complete sense because they are still in contention for a position in the Champions League in La Liga. It is clear to them, as is clear to everyone else, that the odds of someone stomping up the whole £76m are very remote, particularly if Isak’s goals continue to dry up.

At some point, they will try to cash in on him. Discussions on his price can happen then. A sale can surely happen for less than his release clause. The club will not want to miss out on the money. They will surely want to cash in on him.

Arsenal still has an interest in Isak on a long-term basis. But they will not be paying the whole transfer fee. Neither in January, nor the summer, nor at any other time. Until there is wiggle space, or unless Isak goes on a goal-scoring rampage between now and the conclusion of the season, that will remain the case until further notice.


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