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WATCH: Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta Takes A Dig At The Premier League

Arsenal suffered defeat from Liverpool on Wednesday night, despite putting forth a really promising effort against the Premier League’s championship contenders.

With some marvelously precise and succinct play, Arsenal put everything at their opponents in the first half. Thus, forcing Liverpool back into their own half of the field.


Gabriel Martinelli was having an absolute ball down the left-wing, turning on the flair, speed, and cunning to completely outshine Trent Alexander Arnold and make him look foolish.

During the second half, though, Liverpool shifted into high gear. Thus, scoring twice to put the game and Arsenal’s tenacious defence to bed.


Several positives emerged out of the north London club despite their defeat. None more so than the fact that they remain in pole position for the much sought-after fourth Champions League spot.

They will, however, want to halt the slide after only one defeat. There is a slew of opponents waiting to pounce should they go further behind.

Because of this, it should come as no surprise that Mikel Arteta went on somewhat of an emotional tirade after the match. Thus, decrying the loaded fixture calendar that his team has been dealt with.


Mikel Arteta has taken a shot at the Premier League over the league’s fixture scheduling

First and foremost, Arsenal must prepare for a key Saturday lunchtime match against Aston Villa before repeating the process next month with a Wednesday-Saturday doubleheader against Chelsea and Manchester United in the Premier League.

Sarcastically, Arteta expressed his gratitude to the Premier League by saying, “Thank you very much. We have to face Chelsea and Manchester United in the next weeks. So if they want to give them any kind of advantage, I say to them today, thank you very much for doing so.”

When asked whether his players would be fit and ready to go on Saturday morning, Arteta responded with a resounding affirmative.


Here is what the Arsenal boss said:

“We are certain that the players will be there with the necessary vigour on Saturday. Yes, without a doubt. Even though they will sleep and eat properly, Thank you so much to the Premier League for bringing the fixtures together in this manner. It is really, extremely useful,” Arteta said

While continuing to rant about the overcrowding of fixtures in April, he later stated that the club had made a formal complaint with the relevant authorities.



“Yes, without a doubt [a complaint has been filed]. Since what they’ve done is unfair. It’s always Sky or BT or this or that. But the only one who is affected is Arsenal. The only thing that I care about and what we care about is Arsenal, so it’s not fair to Arsenal,” Arteta said.

Because Arteta and his team have just the Premier League to contend with, his views seem a touch overblown. But you can easily see his point of view.

The games with Chelsea and Manchester United might be pivotal in the race for the top four. It’s hard to blame the manager for showing frustration that they come so quickly after each other.


Although there is still a long way to go in the race. Is Arteta showing signs of strain under the pressure?


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