An Open Letter To Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Dear Ole,


I just wish that I could have told you so much on the face but maybe your stature averts me from doing it. So, I decided to pen this epistle for you and I hope that you read it.

You know when a new manager comes in, we say that trust the process. We hope that there is something on the build. We cling to the faintest belief of rebuilding a team whose legacy goes beyond just being a mere football club. You know what Ole, you are about to tear that entire thing down.


I have had enough of your tomfoolery, of your stolid expressions standing in the middle of the park when your team simply chases shadows and your outrageous persistence with a couple of wasted players in the midfield.

I am not going to glide back to the far past. I will keep things simple for you. How can a manager exacerbate with every passing day and head towards an era of humiliation and destruction with much better players on the block?

My first question to you will be, is our bench so fragile that you have no other options than to field Scott McTominay and Fred in the midfield? Even the guy who doesn’t follow football can easily say at a mere glimpse that these two players are downright bad.


Fred doesn’t even know what to do when he has the ball. Just because he can whip in a couple of transcending thunderbolts, that doesn’t make him a good player. McTominay was decent once upon a time. Out of ten confrontations, he barely manages one snatch.

Ole, let me just get this straight, you play two defensive midfielders and yet our midfield is a glaring Grand Canyon with clubs running riot. How on earth do you not realize that the players who are being shouldered with the role of plugging the gaps are not good enough?

Why would you not play Van de Beek? He is such a promising youngster and yet you act as if he has committed some cardinal sin in his former life that indulged you. Why would you keep on playing Pogba in the defensive third when you can see the kind of carnage, he brings along with himself as an attacker for France?



You play a 3-5-2 formation with both your wingers being sidebacks. They have a natural tendency of dropping down. Firstly, if you are playing 3-5-2, you need three solid center-backs. With Varane injured, that formation is out of the equation and yet, you somehow managed to show the audacity of playing a 3-5-2 with your main defender out against a high-pressing team like Manchester City? This is not a miscued tactic but it is a howler.

Now, coming to the wingers, why would you resort to AWB and Shaw as wingers when you have Rashford and Sancho? The point of playing 3-5-2 is to attack and the natural tendency of AWB and Shaw is to rush back to defend whenever they lose the ball and the pressing from their end is very minimal.

Rashford and Sancho, both are blessed with speed and if played on their proper sides, they can prove to be extremely effective. Sancho has been an absolute thunderbolt for Dortmund on the right-wing. Yet, you keep on playing him as a left striker. I mean, this is silly. How do you keep on playing players out of their position?


I can’t really blame you for this wretched defence but if you know that Maguire is injured then why would you not play Eric Bailly? Bailly is a decent defender and had already proved his worth against Atalanta. In fact, he seemed pretty solid yesterday with the goal being a 50-50 where he could have barely done more than that. He is a thousand times better than Lindelof. Maybe if the offing, if you are planning to play three at the back, try Maguire, Varane and Bailly. You won’t be disappointed.

Now with all said and done, they say that if someone can make the team spring back to life, it has to be the manager. How can you sit so helplessly without an iota of expression when your team was getting broken, beaten and scarred on the field?


Ole, honestly, you have outstayed your welcome. If you want to keep this club intact, you have to make amends. Things will otherwise get worse. We do not trust the process anymore because there isn’t one. Ronaldo will not save you always.

Yours sincerely,

A heartbroken Manchester United fan


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