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5 Celebrities Who Are Arsenal Fans

Established in 1886, Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in world football with a massive fan following spread across the globe. Regarded as the most successful London club ever, which has played a key role in attracting millions of fans to support the Gunners. Given their rich history and status as one of the best football teams in Europe, Arsenal have drawn the attention of many famous faces and won their hearts. In this article, we look at the 5 celebrities who are Arsenal fans.


#5 KSI

The famous Youtuber and internet sensation has been very vocal about his support for the Gunners. Be it attending matches at the Emirates or repping the Arsenal colours in his Youtube videos, KSI ‘Really Loves’ the club. The British Youtuber is also very active on social media regarding his favorite team.

#4 Lewis Hamilton

Regarded as one of the most successful F1 drivers ever, Lewis Hamilton makes his way into this list of 5 celebrities who are Arsenal fans. the Briton has been a very familiar face at the Emirates, with Hamilton attending several Arsenal matches. He has previously revealed that he started supporting the club from the age of 5, with the Gunners relatively close to his hometown of Stevenage.


“I grew to love the team with Ian Wright, obviously at the time,” Hamilton told Sky Sports when asked about his favorite football club. The fashion icon has also been spotted wearing the Arsenal jersey in public many a time.

#3 Idris Elba

One of the most famous and well-known Arsenal fans in the world is Idris Elba. The actor has consistently made his love for the club visible to everyone. Elba also made a cameo in the Arsenal x Adidas promotional video for the 2019/20 home kit. He also gained a lot of respect from the fans when he claimed that “he would be physically sick” if Tottenham won the league.


#2 Jay-Z

A pioneer in the music industry, Jay-Z is such a fan of the Gunners that in 2011 there were rumors that he wanted to buy a piece of the club. The 52-year-old even offered to sponsor Arsenal’s trip to New York in 2010 had they won any silverware that season, something which the Gunners failed to do so. The rapper’s interest in the club started from his friendship with club legend Thierry Henry, as both of them were spotted at the Emirates several times.

#1 Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen of the United Kingdom herself is said to be an Arsenal fan. A theory that has been backed by both Arsene Wenger and Jeremy Corbyn who is also a massive supporter of the club. While there are no photos of the Queen attending matches at the Emirates, her late mother, Queen Elizabeth was an Arsenal fan, so maybe it’s a family link as she tops this list of 5 celebrities who are Arsenal fans.



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