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What Could A Return To Bundesliga Mean For Timo Werner?

Going by the latest reports Sky Sports Deutschland, Timo Werner may very well be en route to Bundesliga again. The failed striker at Chelsea is reportedly being pursued by Borussia Dortmund for the upcoming season.


We are already aware of the fact that Erling Haaland is being heavily pursued by bigger teams in Europe that has the likes of English and German clubs alike which would mean they will have to up their game to keep the Norwegian in their ranks.

This is why a move for Timo Werner back to Bundesliga may seem very much possible

Timo Werner, on the contrary, has been a failed experiment at Chelsea as he has often missed out on his respective targets. He has been trolled intensely and still continues to be a topic of heavy debate.


If he chooses to return to the Bundesliga, this won’t be the first time that Werner will be making an appearance for the German elites. He has previously plied his trade for Stuttgart and RB Leipzig where he went on to score 91 goals and stitch together 42 assists from 222 appearances.

Another reason that may make one believe that this move can be a concrete one is the fact that his agent is Volker Struth who played an instrumental role in engineering Niklas Sule’s transfer to Dortmund from Bayern Munich.

However, money can be a major talking point considering the fact that Werner’s current salary is 50 million Euro wherein the highest-earning member of the Dortmund squad, Marco Reus earns 4 million Euro lesser than the German striker.


Another imperative talking point regarding this transfer can be the possible situation of Karim Adeyemi from Salzburg. Dortmund is also in touch with the youngster where his current outfit has demanded 40 million Euros wherein the German club has ensured the fact that they are not willing to splurge beyond 30 million.

What exactly would Werner be bringing to the table in case he joins Bundesliga again? We are all aware of the fact that he is a striker with massive potential. However, the major problem has been his inability to strike the back of the net.

It is inevitable that once you join the Premier League, all eyes will be on you where you will have to fire on all cylinders. A mere miss can lead to a terrific downfall. There is intense pressure of consistently performing, something that has not sat well with Werner.


It is important for a player at times to take a break from the regulations and give himself some time. A shift back to the Bundesliga may act as the all-important break for the lost German marksman and who knows may even do him a world of good in regaining his lost form.



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