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“Standing still is my enemy”, Robert Lewandowski Issues Statement Against His European Contemporaries

One of the most prolific strikers of the world, Robert Lewandowski fired a warning shot at his primary competitors in the European arcade as he looks forward to steering clear of them with even a better gentry of football.


This is an added statement that came on the back of his disapproval of the Balon d’Or where he was approving of the fact that Lionel Messi was awarded with it despite his electrifying performances across the span of the last two years.

Aged 33, the Polish striker was voted second in the 2021 voting and had to be assuaged with the ‘Player of the Year’ award after the Argentine marksman walked away with the bragging rights for a staggering seventh time.


A lot of fans echoed a similar sentiment across the globe that it should have been Lewandoski to be ennobled with football’s highest individual honour. If Lewa’s losing out of the Balon d’Or was the wound, the award getting cancelled for 2020 was a rub of salt on it.

This is what Robert Lewandowski had to say about Balon d’Or

Messi, however, quoted in a press conference that Lewa should be retrospectively awarded the 2020 Balon d’Or for his phenomenal displays that saw him ruling the roost both in German and European football.

The Balon d’Or management stated that they would be mulling over the act but again the clarity about the statement is not concrete. Lewandowski completely discarded the importance of the Balon d’Or as he had contrasting remarks about the same.


The 2021 FIFA Best Men’s Player was heard quoting, “I have been thinking lately and I have come to the conclusion that the FIFA award is more important.”

As reported by Marca, he quoted, “Only journalists vote for the Ballon d’Or, there is no clear verification. Instead, professional football and the press vote for the FIFA award.”

Lewa further added, “the captains and coaches of each national team can evaluate our performances in a more realistic and objective way because they know how much each match, each record, each injury means.”


The Polish striker concluded by saying, “Perhaps in the prestigious ranking, the Ballon d’Or is better positioned, but the recognition I received by winning The Best makes me proud because I know how hard I worked for many years.”

The Bayern Munich marksman has made it clear that he will continue to hone his playing style and will be eyeing to surpass the European greats as his quest for excellence continues.

His words on French footballers were equally intriguing as he cited, “I want to constantly improve myself, every day. If I’m unhappy with one or two things from a match, I watch them again on video and I work on them immediately in the next training session so as not to reproduce the same errors again. I always want to evolve. Standing still is my enemy. This is also the reason why I work a lot on my positioning in relation to my teammates.”



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