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REPORTS: Pablo Gavi’s Release Clause Is Set-What’s Next For Barcelona?

The sputtering news in Spanish football, this month is revolving around maestro Spaniard, Gavi. Pablo Martín Páez Gavira, popularly known as Gavi is a professional Spanish footballer . He plays in the position of central mid-fielder, in Barcelona. The future of this 17-year-old footballer apparently is quite uncertain, as his contract at Camp Nou will lapse at the end of the next season.


Gavi’s representatives are working to strike a new sumptuous deal with the club. Nothing is quite fixed yet, but Barça is currently stuck on a bargain with Gavi’s representatives. Barcelona has curiously proposed their opening contract to the young Spaniard. However, the club has been rejected by his representatives. Gavi’s camp had fended off  Barça’s proposal as it remains staunch in its decision, to strike a deal worth five million euros each season, or perhaps more.

All this has summed up to a deadlock. The situation is threatening as far as Barcelona is concerned. It is so, since two Premier League mammoths, Liverpool and Manchester City have shown interest in striking a deal with Gavi. Both clubs have agreed to pay off the the fifty million euros of Gavi’s release clause.


Will Gavi sign a new deal with Barcelona?

The Spanish daily sport newspaper MARCA has released astonishing news. According to MARCA , Gavi’s release clause has automatically struck up to a hundred million euros. This is because , it is mentioned in the contract , that his release clause would amount to a hundred million euros in his final year at Camp Nuo, the home of Barça. Since June, all clubs interested to indulge Gavi have to meet this new valuation.

The exact worth of Gavi’s release clause might still be of little concern to Blaugrana. Both , Barça and Pablo Martín Páez Gavira’s camp are assured of the fact that they might conclude with the negotiations soon , leading to Gavi’s stay extension in Blaugrana. It can be expected that the new deal with Barça might result into a fresh release clause for Gavi, of  one billion euros. It will also give Gavi the opportunity to sign contracts with La Masia for products like Pedri and Ansu Fati.



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