Premier League Chief Executive Lauds Roman Abramovich’s Decision As Tensions Increase In The Premier League

A lot has happened since the last few days as Chelsea boss, Roman Abramovich resorted to a drastic decision where he penned a heartfelt message before bidding adieu to Chelsea, a club that he transformed over the last couple of decades.


Premier League chief executive, Richard Masters concurred with the fact that Roman’s era-ending move has been very opportune and would make proceedings a lot easier for the apex footballing authority supervising the league.

This is what Masters had to say about Roman Abramovich

Masters also quoted that the Russian-Israeli tycoon’s ownership of the Stamford Bridge Club was about to enter precarious waters which could have easily led to an unsustainable posterity.


The chief executive of the Premier League has also added that there will be support for Ukraine in the weekend fixtures. To add to this, he said that the Russian broadcasting rights will also be undergoing review as the footballing relationships are seemingly strained at the moment.

Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea in 2003 and confirmed the fact that he was putting the club up for sale and labelled it with a price tag of 3 billion Euros.

Masters even hinted at the fact that the club can be sold in a span of 10 days and if things go right, it may happen earlier than that. Again, the move may also take more than a month depending on the complexity and the number of potential owners that may follow.


The chief executive was heard quoting, “It is the right decision, the situation has escalated incredibly quickly over the last seven days and he has come to the right conclusion that it is unsustainable in the current environment.”

He further added, “It is a welcome decision and obviously for the sake of everyone, including the fans, the sooner the selling process concludes and completes, the sooner everyone will have certainty.”

Okko Sport is currently dealing with the broadcasting rights of the Premier League in Russia but as per the latest statement of Masters, they will be under review considering the heightened tensions in the footballing roster as the war between Ukraine and Russia continues.



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