Marcelo Jokingly Responds To Cristiano Ronaldo’s Impressive Numbers At Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo’s blistering form continues: CR7 continues with his rampant form for Manchester United as his latest exploits were a much-important netter from the dreaded spot that sank a determined Norwich City.


It took some coaxing of the Manchester United attackers that made Norwich City defender, Max Aarons commit a serious error from practically nothing.

In the replays it was shown while the ball was being whipped into the Manchester United attacking third, Aarons had a hand around Ronaldo’s neck and the Portuguese sensation tumbled over in the box with the referee pointing to the spot instantly.


This was the second penalty that Ronaldo was about to take in the last two weeks as he converted one against Arsenal to surge ahead of them after being booed by the Arsenal fans throughout.

A glimpse at Cristiano Ronaldo’s emphatic strike from the spot

Sadly, the situation was nothing different for the Manchester star in this clash as every single time he received the ball, there were catcalls and jeers from all around.

The ambience at Carrow Road was downright hostile and Manchester United was definitely not welcome there.


After Aarons made a hash of affairs, Ronaldo was all set to pull the trigger that would have gone a long way to determine the confidence level of the Portuguese sensation.

He was already having a bad day as the Norwich City players closed the gates for the marksman and didn’t allow an iota of space for him to break free from the shackles.

Before the penalty, he had just one clear shot that was saved deftly by seasoned Dutch goalkeeper, Krul, diving to his right.


As Ronaldo lined up for the spot-kick, eyeing the Norwich City determination to be taken as a lamb to the slaughter, Krul advanced with an aggressive demeanour trying to stoke him up with a few words. The Portuguese captain was calm as ever as the bird’s eye for him was the back of the net.

Ronaldo started the run-up while Krul’s dance under the woodwork got more vehement with every passing second. Despite all attempts from Krul to leave Ron unsettled, he blasted the ball in the opposite direction of Krul that bulged the net with a theatrical flourish, silencing the crowds completely.

The shackles were open, the joys came rushing and the much-needed breakthrough was achieved. Despite the display from the Devils was not something that they would want, yet the much-needed three points on the road were attained and they were a happy lot leaving the inimical Carrow Road.


Ronaldo’s former teammate at Real Madrid, Marcelo lighted up the former’s mood with a few beautiful words, even though it had a tint of humour laced with it.

He was heard quoting, “Whenever I am here [looking at Ronaldo’s posts], there is a goal.”




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