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Kylian Mbappe Close To Real Madrid Deal After Latest PSG Contract Rejection

Los Blancos Have Made Mbappe Their Primary Target And Want To Sign Him Now

Real Madrid is attempting to sign Kylian Mbappe, who will be available for free next summer. There have been several sources that lead me to assume that the transaction has already been completed and that all that is required is for the contract to be signed. However, it is possible to say, “Hey, I’m not buying any of this until Madrid really gets him,” and that would be reasonable. However, in my view, it is quite crucial to keep up with the latest developments.


Speaking of updates, MadridistaReal shared this one the other day, which is essentially about Mbappe rejecting yet another offer from Paris Saint-Germain. According to the source, Mbappe has already made up his mind about joining Real Madrid. He has rejected yet another proposition from PSG, which was probably a short-term extension that would enable them to get a transfer price in exchange for his leaving the club.

According to a reliable source, Kylian Mbappe has already made up his mind about joining Real Madrid

According to the source, Real Madrid already “takes for granted” the acquisition of Kylian Mbappe. It practically indicates that the transaction is already completed. They will be disclose the details after the current season ends.



The article states that the contract signing is not complete as of now. It makes sense since the club would not want to place Mbappe in a difficult position with his present team and the supporters at such a key moment of the season. My best guess is that the contract will be signed either as soon as the Champions League match between PSG and Real Madrid is completed. Or once the current season is complete. To be honest, the former makes a little more sense than the latter in this situation. It will also be a little more comforting for the supporters.

What is PSG’s role in this deal now; can they somehow prevent it?

When it came to this game, PSG truly shot themselves in the foot. If they offer Kylian Mbappe a massive deal and make promises and everything else, they have absolutely no reason to blame him for not agreeing to a short-term extension. They were aware that Real Madrid had made an offer of €180m-€200m last summer.

But they were too naive to take advantage of the situation. It was something they took for granted, and when they realised that their idea isn’t working out as well as they had hoped. That it was significantly worse without Mbappe – they went to Mbappe and offered him all of the money in the world. They had the option of accepting the transfer money last summer. They were the ones who built their own bed.


That period, however, has passed. Each deal has an expiry date associated with it. On top of all that, Mbappe is keen on joining Real Madrid. He wants to make the move after the season and PSG’s incompetent management will do nothing to prevent that from happening.


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