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“How Many Years?”, Patrice Evra Trolls Manchester City With This Hilarious Meme

It seems that Patrice Evra derives special pleasure from whipping out humorous notes to his fellow rivals’ slide. Last night when Manchester City crashed out, he quipped another humourous tweet that would add salt to City’s wound.


The game was almost about to be over when Riyad Mahrez would put his team ahead with less than 20 minutes on the clock. Just as the clock lulled into its own final dance, Real Madrid would spring back to life and would deliver the telling blow that would see them equalize in less than 2 minutes.

If the equalizer from Rodrygo was just a prelude to the upcoming madness, it was Benzema’s spot-kick and the 90th minute whistle that would leave the Cityzens absolutely aghast.


This is what Patrice Evra had to say about Real Madrid

Pep Guardiola himself couldn’t believe what had just happened and the Real Madrid fans were absolutely delusional in frenzied ecstasy.  Former Manchester United left-back, Patrice Evra would come to the fore with a humorous tweet that would add to the burns of Manchester City.

Following the game, he would post a picture alongside Sir Bobby Charlton that was obviously a deepfake, trolling Manchester City’s desperation at failing to be a part of the UCL finale. He would even caption it as, “How many years you think me and Sir Bobby will have to check?”

Pep Guardiola, on the contrary, would be absolutely ballistic at City’s departure from the Champions League. He would vehemently tear down into the players for a last-minute collapse that would allow Real Madrid to come back.


He would conclude by saying, “It is simple. In the first-half we did not have game, we were not good enough. But we did not suffer much. After we scored the goal we were better. We found out tempo and our game and the players were comfortable.”

The final is all slated to be played on 29th of May in France where Liverpool and Real Madrid will collide to seal the fate of the European crown.




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