‘He kind of jogs back and expects the rest of his team to clean up after him’-Lee Sharpe points out the major flaw of Trent Alenxander-Arnold

According to what Lee Sharpe said to Stadium Astro, the criticism that he leveled at Trent Alexander-Arnold was based on his assertion that the Liverpool player expects his teammates to “mop up his mess.”


The legend of Old Trafford continued by stating that Trent Alexander-Arnold, whose defence has been in the limelight as of late, ‘doesn’t bust a gut to get back’ while defending for Liverpool.

Alexander-Arnold was chosen for the team by Gareth Southgate to represent England during the international break. However, he was not used in the match against Italy and was not included in the squad at all for the match against Germany.


It was quite evident from Southgate’s action where he ranked the Anfield star on his right-back depth chart.

That presumably would have given the player an edge to prove naysayers wrong upon his return to domestic action, but unfortunately, he made more defensive blunders as Jurgen Klopp saw his team draw 3-3 with Brighton as they returned to action in the domestic league.

Sharpe criticized the attacking full-back for his lack of desire to return to the defensive position when his side did not have possession of the ball. This is not the only aspect of the attacking full-defensive back’s play that is being called into question.


Sharpe said that Trent Alexander-Arnold doesn’t work hard to get back into a defensive position when the ball gets past him.

What did Lee Sharpe say about Trent Alexander-Arnold?

“He kind of jogs back and expects the rest of his team to clean up after him. It’s something that both Jurgen Klopp and Trent need to talk about because Trent will be punished,” he said.

“Teams will focus on him. They will go down that side and go after him. They will play two against one, which will make things worse for Liverpool, so this needs to be fixed,” he added.


The problem is not just that Trent isn’t the only one who isn’t performing up to par, but also that the majority of his colleagues are being criticized for the way they are playing.

Virgil van Dijk is the most important player for the England team’s chances of winning the World Cup, but he appears to be lost as well and also made mistakes during their draw with Brighton.

Arnold’s situation becomes worse as a result of this since he is then pushed to produce even more when he returns.


And considering that he is having trouble to begin with, this just makes things more difficult for TAA, who is now facing the most difficult test in his whole professional career.


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